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The 4 Steps of Healthy & Happy Beauty Hair Care

Post graciously sponsored by Curls

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No matter what your curl type, hair porosity or length, there are four major components of healthy and happy textured hair. We must cleanse, condition, moisturize and style and no one knows that better than Curls! The amazing naturally curly hair brand is all about keeping our hair healthy and beautiful and has great products for all your hair needs. Let’s discuss these foundational steps and how they help to maintain beautiful naturally curly hair.

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Cleansing hair is essential to maintaining healthy hair. Many assume cleansing hair is just about cleaning, but the right cleanser will also hydrate, detangle and prepare hair for optimal styling. Shampoos are not the devil but instead vital pieces to a healthy regimen. I use clarifying shampoos and cowashers both, and have learned they each have a different job for my hair’s varying needs. 


When hair is super dirty or bogged down with silicones or product build-up, a hard-working, yet hair loving clarifier like the Pure Curls – Clarifying Shampoo gets the job done correctly. Pure Curls will Purify curls weighed down from build up, debris and unwanted chemicals. When a regular cleaning is all I need I opt for Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash which does the job without sulfates and formulated with certified organic Blueberry Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice, and Chamomile Extract. 

When it comes to cleansing our curls, we need a few different products to get the job done according to our hair’s needs. 

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Conditioner to a curly girl is second in necessity only to water. We LOVE conditioner, use it more than any other product and our hair needs it. Naturally curly hair is more prone to dryness and tangles and they can both can lead to breakage. Many know about a rinse out conditioner and maybe even a deep conditioner but our curls also need a leave-in conditioner to acts as a protective barrier around our hair shaft when we manipulate our hair during the styling process.  

All three conditioners help with frizz, manageability, moisture, softness and repairing the damaging effects of shampooing our strands. A rinse out conditioner like the Curls Coconut Curlada Conditioner will hydrate and  infuses hair with nourishing benefits from the tropics, such as coconut oil, chamomile extract and monoil de Tahiti oil. Follow that up with a deep conditioner like the Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner or Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask. Both deep conditioners will transform dry, damaged, chemically processed or overly stressed naturally curly hair back to it’s healthy state temporarily. 

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Leave-in conditioners are lightweight and can be used daily to repair, restore, and condition your overworked curls. Couple that with natural ingredients like blueberries, like the Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner, and you have a reviver of your curls that also aids in hair growth and strength. 

Conditioners play a vital role in the health and beauty of our hair, so always look for ones that use natural and nourishing ingredients and water. 

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It takes more than just cleansing and conditioning our hair to keep it moisturized and hydrated. Quite often we must use moisturizers to maintain our curls moisture levels up in-between wash days. While water is the best moisturizer, often products can do a great job at moisturizing along with defining our curls and adding sheen. Curls Cashmere Curls – Leave in Conditioner/2nd Day Refresher or the Quenched Curls – Curl Moisturizer/2nd Day Curl Refresher are great choices that can be used daily without creating build-up or stickiness for this job. 

We often just use a spray bottle filled with water, some natural oils and maybe some leave-in conditioner but a moisturizer may not only revive your curls but give them sheen and definition. 

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Last but certainly not least, we must style our hair! From jellies to gels to creams, there are numerous products that will give your hair gorgeous style and luscious definition. Stylers are popular and necessary to define, shape, hold and preserve hair’s strength. Serums and elixirs are tremendous aids in  increasing hair growth and creating unbelievable sheen.


I love gels and creams the most as I rock wash and go’s year round. My favorite cream to use for summer is CURLS Whipped Cream which gives me a light hold with maximum definition perfect for the dry, yet hot climate of Denver, Colorado. The best stylers enlist the help of natural ingredients and leave out drying alcohols so you are only left with soft, touchable curls that don’t flake or become sticky. Curls Blueberry Bliss CURL Control Jelly is ideal for keeping your curls in place while their Blueberry Bliss Twist N Shout Cream will give you the perfect twist/braid out. You are only left with sheen, definition and mega moisture.

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Whenever I want those laid edges without flakes, dryness but full of shine, I opt for Curls, Blueberry Bliss CURL Control Paste. I love the smell, the hard work it puts in to get my curls laid; but my favorite part is how it never flakes or makes my hair hard. This allows for sleek ponytails.

With the four steps to guide your hair’s needs, you will ensure to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Have you tried anything from the Curls line? Share your faves below!


Thank you Curls for giving me this opportunity to share your brand! All opinions were and always are my own.


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