DIY Foot Soak & Scrubs For Summer-Ready Feet!

Sandal season is upon us and as we delve into June, many of us are far from foot ready! Pedicures are needed but not everyone has pedicure money nor the time. I love a spa pedicure but often don’t want to pay the punch of the price nor have the…

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5 Benefits of Bamboo For Beautiful Hair

It is an exciting time to be natural!  For one, we are living the dream of nurturing and loving our tresses. For two, you cannot go one single solitary week without hearing about another all natural oil, plant or tea that is here to make your hair more gorgeous than ever!  Too much?…

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Healthy Skin, Get It The Right Way!

Can any of you find a single woman who doesn’t want glowing healthy skin? All women on this planet hunt for skincare products that offer gorgeous skin in a bottle but there isn’t a magic anti aging cream to do it all by itself. Trying to take care of the…

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Best Books On Fighting Hair Loss!

Oil Cleansing Method – How & Why To Use A Cleansing Oil

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) is one of my favorite DIY recipes for skin care. It was the first DIY I’ve ever tried and the a go-to for me when many over the counter brands just weren’t working. I suffer from hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, and breakouts and can count on…

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Vacation Hair, Perfect Natural Hairstyles For Fun This Summer!

More black women are traveling and not just for family vacations. We are taking girl trips, traveling alone or just exploring the world with our significant other. From every inch of the world we can be seen snapping pics and experiencing vacation travel with ease. While traveling can pose it’s…

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