Monday, May 22, 2017

How I Maintain Healthy Hair In A Drier Climate

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I love my natural hair and I keep my hair healthy and moisturized so it thrives. I've been natural over eleven years and all of those years have been in Denver, Colorado where we can have harsh winters, blistering summers and dryness year round. My beauty routine must be stellar so I keep wrinkles at bay but I also incorporate my hair into that routine so both my skin and hair stays moisturized and healthy.

Since I am not a fan of protective styles, I opt for other ways to protect my hair.  I rock my loose curls and coils with stylish accessories that work double duty by beauty attractive and protective. Check out my day to day ways in keeping my hair moisturized and healthy.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Best Hair Growth Products You Didn't Know You Needed!

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As the season rolls in big, many naturals and curly women are focusing on hair health...but let’s get real. Hair growth is ALWAYS on the list of things we want too. Now, healthy hair most often reigns supreme but scores of women, myself included, wants to get maximum hair growth in a year. 

 3 Vitamins All Naturalistas Need for Hair Growth

Nothing wrong with that and in fact, many products or ingredients that can give you optimal hair growth that also possess benefits like anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties that will aid scalp ailments or other hair problems. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Need A Natural Hair Detangler? Here Are 4 That Will Surprise You!

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If you’re someone who dreads the idea of wash day because of the hours you spend detangling, you’re not alone. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m cringing at the thought that I actually used to spend close to an hour and a half finger detangling my hair before wash day. While that may be because I rocked a twistout a couple of days too long or forgot to put on my bonnet before I went to sleep, I still wondered what I could possibly do in order to make this detangling process a little easier. 
Now, I’m not one to go out and just buy a detangling product, because I honestly feel like its just watered down conditioner, so I went to the internet and found 4 really interesting detangling hacks to try out.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Beauty Products, Favorites From Sephora

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and women have been searching for the best beauty products to cultivate their own beauty. This billion-dollar business is sophisticated and inundated and it may be hard to sift through to find the best and most affordable for your pocket. It can become so overwhelming sometimes, but one of the best retail stores to house some of the best beauty products would be Sephora and I'm here for their layout and expertise in this market.


Sephora is made for women and all their beauty needs so I wanted to share some of the best makeup brands and items I love from this retail chain. Whether you buy online our head to their many brick and mortar stores, one still needs to sift through the hundred of brands they carry to find the most loved, used and affordable. Check out my faves from Sephora and why I use them extensively.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Mothers Day Gifts On A Budget

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Mothers Day is this Sunday and before you go into panic mode, know you have enough time to still get the perfect gift to show you care. You can even show you care on a budget and without just sending a card. It only takes a click of the mouse, free or cheap shipping and you can have the perfect gift dropped on their doorstep. 


Whether it's for you, your own mother, daughter or even mother-in-law, you never have to break the bank for a lovely gift and we are here to share some of the best. Check out our list of elegant, cute and lovely cheaper gifts that will still wow her on mother's day!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Curly Hair Tips That Work For All Curly Girls

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It can't hurt to get tips on how to take care of our tresses and keep them moisturized. It may be difficult to find good tips with all the info that is out on the web now but I'm here to help ya!  I came across  and their curly hair section a few weeks ago and was greatly impressed with it.  I'm currently doing the Curly Girl Method but  I just wanted to share some curly hair tricks they listed that are good sound tips on keeping our mane healthy. 

15 Curly Girl Method Approved Products


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