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Friday, September 23, 2016

Going Natural: How To GO Natural?

How To GO Natural?


How to go natural? Is going natural hard? Can anybody go natural? Unfortunately, there are few how-tos that give step by step directions on how to go natural and the reason many think going natural is hard because it is the direct opposite of being relaxed. 


Relaxed hair is no easier but we have been relaxed for years so we know all about it. Going natural is something new and that can be quite scary. Yes, many of us were natural as little girls but we weren't caring for our own hair and there were few products that actually nurtured our curls, coils and kinks. Times have changed and there is support and a ton of products out here now. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

No More 24 | Changing The Conversation About Health For Colorado Children

No More 24 | Changing The Conversation About Health For Colorado Children

My childhood was nothing like my children's childhood today. While we begged to stay out and play until the streetlights came on, parents struggle today to even get their kids to go outside. Living in Colorado where hiking, skiing, biking or anything outdoors is commonplace, it is hard to believe we would have problems getting our children involved in physical activities. Despite the notion of being physically fit, our state is suffering.

Colorado ranks 24th in the country for kids physical activity despite being one of the healthiest states for adults. How is this possible? What's going on and what can we as parents and involved adults do to change this?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Newest Beauty Hack - DIY Underarm Lightening | Naturally News

DIY Underarm Lightening | Naturally News


Activated charcoal is big right now and with DIY still ideal for many women, combining the two has turned into a goldmine. For a while we've been seeing women using activated charcoal for teeth whitening and fighting acne but now it's being used for underarm lightening. 
Activated charcoal is just carbon that's been treated to increase its absorbency and it can draw toxins out. This newest beauty wonder can be found in the top the beauty products. How about not spending a ton of money and simply use it straight from the capsules? That's what several beauty bloggers and vloggers are doing and for lightening their dark underarms.

Monday, September 19, 2016



So, how exactly do you keep natural hair moisturized? Is there a secret product or routine to keep hair hydrated? One of the biggest problems that women with natural hair complain about is how difficult it is to keep their hair moisturized or hydrated. Curly and kinky textured hair is prone to dryness; which is one of the leading causes of split ends and breakage.  


We’ve researched and experimented with different techniques and found two methods that work best at keeping natural hair moisturized – The L.O.C and L.C.O. methods. Here we will discuss these two methods and the steps you need to take in order to keep your natural hair moisturized.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

End Of Summer Wash Natural Hair Routine

End Of Summer Wash Natural Hair Routine

Should you prep natural hair for fall and winter? What is required for a fall prepping of natural hair? Most often it depends on what your hair needs but starting with an end-of-season clarifying wash and moisture-boosting conditioning is an excellent start. 


It's officially fall this Thursday but I'm not waiting to get my hair ready for cooler temperatures, drier air and harsher elements.  I've been neglectful the past few months with family obligations and my more-than-normal amount of stress, but this routine is a great one. The best part is it can be altered to what your hair needs. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

4 Solutions For A Bad Natural Hair Haircut

4 Solutions For A Bad Natural Hair Haircut

A bad haircut is the worst! I...MEAN...THE...WORST!  It dampens your mood, your morning (as you try and salvage it everyday) and you dread thinking about how long it is going to take to grow out into something else.  Well, imagine that happening to a natural who has entrusted someone with her tresses even though she truly feared it would be a bad idea.

 My DevaCut: What I learned & What I Loved

Naturals tend to take care of their own hair because let's face it...we really did not have anyone to do it for us.  Honestly, there were not any natural hairstylists around working on natural hair just a few years ago.  They weren't trained on our hair in it's natural state so we adapted by doing everything ourselves from straightening to trimming to styling.  Only recently have we seen a flood of natural hair professionals emerging and while it is exciting it is still quite scary.


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