Benefits Of Blended Oils For Healthy Hair

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Curlies, coilies, and wavies alike know the benefits of using natural oils on their tresses, whether it be carrier oils or essential oilsAromaweb says that carrier oils are base oils or vegetable oils that are derived from the fatty portion of the plant like the seeds, kernels, or nuts. Essential oils are liquid distilled mostly by water or steam from the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, bark, and other elements of the plant. Essential oils are potent and must be diluted with water or a carrier oil. I am not much of a mixtress nor do I DIY, but I can mix a little sumptin sumptin when it comes to oils for my spray bottle or my oil cleansing method (OCM) for my face. 

Kerry's Curls Are Back For Scandal Premier

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Scandal is back and we are psyched! As we giggled and danced around excited all day Thursday we could not wait to see about the lovely Kerry Washington reprising her popular role as Olivia Pope.  She's the invincible, love-sick Gladiator that the fanatics (yes, me included) have girl-crushes on.  

Yes, we were ALL giddy when it started and as the camera zeroed in on her at the beach in her white one-piece the Naturals around the world screamed in unison.  She was curled up boo! Finally, we got to see her au naturale in the first scene as a new woman with a new name and curly hair.  

Biotin Q & A


We can’t talk about Biotin without getting a little science-y, so with that said, let’s get right into it. Biotin is known as a vitamin H (coenzyme R) water soluble B vitamin. Of course, there are many pills and vitamins out there that contain this ingredient.

Yes, Biotin can do wonders for your hair, but it can also be harmful to your skin and hair – that’s is only if you do not take the correct precautions and do not have knowledge about it.

At this point, it makes sense to say that before you take Biotin, you should consult your doctor because if you are taking other medication, Biotin can weaken the effects of that medication.

Biotin is basically B complex vitamin that helps with your metabolism, and helps your body process energy. Some people take it due to their Biotin deficiency and to grow hair and nails, but that alone is not enough information for you. Yes, you have questions, right? No problem! Let’s answer them for you.

“Does Biotin really make your hair grow?” 


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I just love learning about oils that I am not familiar with but have been around forever. Another old but new oil is kukui oil and it has received some recent fame when Lupita Nyong'o shared her beauty secret with Glamour Magazine earlier this year. When she shared that she uses natural Hawaiian kukui oil and avocado oil on her face that nugget of information began creating a buzz in the beauty world. 
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