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Go from Ombre To Sombre With Ease

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Go from Ombre to Sombre with Natural Hair

Sombre, the sister of Ombre, or the softer side of ombre is the direction many are going for this fall whether we see it on the red carpet or just out on the streets.  It is making its way the natural hair community too so how do you make that transition?  Well, first let's learn the terms:
Sombre is a coloring technique that allows for a softer, more natural diffusion of color.  

Ombre is a stark dfference to sombre and is generally darker at the roots and the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.  

Many naturals who have gone ombre have bleached those ends to achieve the look which is harsh on our strands and you may experience dryness as a result.  
Ombre is out...or at least for this season so do not feel sorry for this popular look as it has had a hellva run.  This fall is about darker, richer tones so the softness of sombre will be perfect but how do you get there if you have the stark contrasts of ombre? There are two ways and it just depends on your path choice.

The Coconut Oil Bleaching Method

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Bleaching my hair is NOT on my agenda but if it is on yours then this post will be unbelievably beneficial to you!!

Coconut oil is an all natural beauty miracle for beauty and health.
Applied topically or ingested, there are literally dozens of different benefits coconut oil provides. I have been sleeping with coconut oil in my hair as a pre poo treatment twice a week for over two years now and it has left my hair soft, shiny and more manageable.

Coconut oil can help with hair bleaching!

Kurly Klips: Fun, Flirty and Great For Fall

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Kurly Klips: Fun, Flirty and Great For Fall

Kurly Klips, curly textured clip-in hair extensions, were created by Lana Boone and have been well-received in the Natural hair community.  An alternative to traditional weaves, this system is concentrated on not harming your own tresses.

This post is severely overdue.  I've been meaning to discuss and wear the highly versatile and cute as hell Kurly Klips forever but I'm not one for added hair since I've been nurturing and rocking my natural tresses.  I've dabbled with wigs, weaves and braids but that seems like a lifetime ago and me being the wash and go queen keeps me pretty far from protective styles of any kind.  

Despite that I wanted to give this wonderful product a try and I am truly glad I did.  It was an easy and quick install that I had my sister do for me.  She french braided five braids from front to back leaving enough hair out in the front for coverage.  It took less than an hour and before I knew it I was rocking the big baddass hair I have been DYING for forever.  Here are a few pics below to showing how much fun I had being on #bighairdontcare team.

Kurly Klips: Fun, Flirty and Great For Fall

4 Styles For Your Most Awkward Hair Stages

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Nothing like growing hair and retaining the length! What an amazing feeling of knowing you are doing everything right; protecting and sealing your ends, keeping your tresses moisturized and free of split ends. It just feels good. What does not feel so great is the realization that all this growth and good nurturing has allowed your hair to retain length past its TWA or small fro and your go-to styles are not working anymore. Just when you became comfortable with your styles and routine, your hair begins growing into the awkward stage. Here are some styles to help you transition past this length.

"The Loc Soc"

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