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5 Things You Should Consider Before Coloring Your Natural Hair Blonde

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Blondes have more fun….do they really? Not sure about that statement and not just because I’ve never had blonde hair. Actually, I am with the camp that feels blonde hair is overrated. I am also part of the camp that feels black women need to stay clear of this color because it rarely compliments our skin tone very well.
Don’t get me wrong there are quite a few women who pull it off well like Queen Bey and Claire, Editor-In-Chief of The Fashion Bomb Daily but then there are those who do not like Nene Leakes or Nicki Minaj. My personal opinion mind you, but I know I am far from alone.

Losing A Scary Amount Of Hair? Try Sweet Potato

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I am a massive fan of the sweet potato and it is not just because I hate pumpkin. I mean you pumpkin fans are relentless with turning everything into pumpkin flavorings! Well, I think the sweet potato does not get its shine and glory, and with all the benefits to our bodies it is about time we showed just how great this important vegetable is!
The Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Mysticism & Myths Blog Tour

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Natural Hair Dictionary

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Natural Hair Dictionary

Here are some Natural Hair terms to help you become more familiarized with your natural hair: 
3a|3b|3c: Classification numbers for natural hair. This hair type has a loose curl pattern.
4a|4b|4c: Classification numbers for natural afro textured hair.
Aloe Vera Gel: Conditions the hair adding moisture and shine. It is also known for aiding in hair growth for people with hair loss. Aloe gel can replace many gels that have bad ingredients.
Almond Oil: Moisturizes and softens hair. Softens dead skin on the scalp, making the skin easier to remove.
Anti-humectants: Any substance that repels moisture. They are used to prevent frizz.
APL= Arm Pit Length: refers to hair that reaches the armpit.

4 Bizarre Beauty Treatments Many Are Swearing By

4 Bizarre Beauty Treatments Many Are Swearing By!

How far are you willing to go for beauty and how much are you willing to spend?  It is not just about the money anymore because with each new treatment, surgery or product manufacturers must feel so pressured into finding bigger and better beauty finds.  Is this why we are seeing more of the bizarre, weird or just plain dangerous beautification specialties?  Probably so, as what used to work may not work anymore or the need to be doing the most popular is always imperative to the rich, the vain or just the curious.  

I am not here to judge…just to inform and share some of the most recent bizarre beauty rituals that many are swearing work wonders.

Snail Facials
You read correctly and yes what you are thinking is actually true.  Snails are a part of a facial and they are very much alive.  Snail facials started in a Tokyo spa last year and the news has spread like wildfire about this new and unusual beauty treatment. A therapist places the snails on the client’s faces (usually three of them) and let them roam around their forehead, face, cheeks and chin.  

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