Monday, July 24, 2017

Are You Spending Too Much On Beauty Hair Care?

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Stores like Ulta and Sephora remain beauty giants due to our obsession over our hair. Called our “crowning glory” for good reason, our tresses are often whipped -- sometimes even beaten -- into shape so that we can achieve the look that we want for ourselves. Absolutely no one likes bad hair days, so we tend to go out of our way to find the best products to use to have our hair remain healthy, glossy, smooth, and looking beautiful at all times. 

In the pursuit of hair perfection, hair products galore have been dumped on the market, each promising results that’ll have you and your hair always at its gorgeous best. And often, the dizzying array of choices can have us grasping at one product after another, hoping that we will eventually find the ONE miracle product, or the BEST ever regimen to tame our tresses and keep them looking gloriously beautiful. Unfortunately, you can overdo on your hair and your wallet if swept up by the hye. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Top Detangling Spray For Kids - Curly Hair

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I get a lot of questions about caring for our kids curly and natural hair but what has to be the top question is the best detangler sprays.  I didn't have anything to use when my daughter was small but that was over twenty years ago. Nowadays, we have several options to gently detangle (without tears) and moisturizing their hair. 

Need A Natural Hair Detangler? Here Are 4 That Will Surprise You!

Curly hair brands and really stepped up their game in the area for kids and quite a few brands have a separate line or at the very least a couple of items to care for kids natural hair. I wanted to make it easier for you by sharing this list of the top detangling sprays for your kids curly/natural hair.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The 4 Steps of Healthy & Happy Beauty Hair Care

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No matter what your curl type, hair porosity or length, there are four major components of healthy and happy textured hair. We must cleanse, condition, moisturize and style and no one knows that better than Curls! The amazing naturally curly hair brand is all about keeping our hair healthy and beautiful and has great products for all your hair needs. Let's discuss these foundational steps and how they help to maintain beautiful naturally curly hair.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Wrinkles: 5 Best Essential Oils To Fight Them!

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There are many anti-aging oils and creams available in the market today. What we can’t say for sure, is how many of them are safe and effective and let's not even discuss how horribly expensive they all are! If you have enough money you can spend hundred if not thousands on products and procedures that claim just about everything outside of making you look 20 years younger.  


Another problem is many are juiced up with hard to pronounce chemicals and that is reason enough to be leery of using them. Many of us are into using natural ingredients on our bodies so using nature's gifts to aid in beautification like fighting wrinkles sounds amazing. Because I am far from alone on this we have put together a list of the best oils you can use for your anti-aging skincare regimen.

Monday, July 10, 2017

How To Keep Silver Hair SEXY!


Rockin  gray hair has become a growing trend among Millennials but, luckily, there are those of us who don’t have to rely on bleaches or dyes to get our wonderfully silver locks. While gray hair is undoubtedly beautiful in its own way, there is one characteristic that most of us can do without yellowing.

 Getting rid of your gray with a pill?

The yellow tinge that you see in the gray hairs of some elders can be due to diet, medicinal, or health related reasons, but the hair can also become yellow from product residue. While some people don’t mind the yellow-ish tinge, some of us want to flaunt our silver hair without interruption. With that being said, here’s how you can remove the yellow from your gray hair…

Friday, July 7, 2017

Weight Loss, The Struggle, & The New Show To Learn How To Master It

Struggling with weight is as common as breathing air to some of us. It becomes a burden, an anchor that keeps the spirit low and the weight up for far too many Americans.  Some have struggled as a child, while others (like myself), began the battle later in life.  I'm a mother, a writer, a blogger, and a woman struggling with her weight while trying to share my personality and life with the world. 

It's HARD! It's hard when you don't feel as beautiful as you should. It's hard when weight dominates your thoughts and even encroaches into your health. It's even harder when you share your life with the world for a living. I’m excited to partner with Z Living to promote their newest show, The Big Fat Truth, and to share my own personal struggles to weight loss. 

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