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Weight Loss, The Struggle, & The New Show To Learn How To Master It

Struggling with weight is as common as breathing air to some of us. It becomes a burden, an anchor that keeps the spirit low and the weight up for far too many Americans.  Some have struggled as a child, while others (like myself), began the battle later in life.  I’m a mother, a writer, a blogger, and a woman struggling with her weight while trying to share my personality and life with the world. 

It’s HARD! It’s hard when you don’t feel as beautiful as you should. It’s hard when weight dominates your thoughts and even encroaches into your health. It’s even harder when you share your life with the world for a living. I’m excited to partner with Z Living to promote their newest show, The Big Fat Truth, and to share my own personal struggles to weight loss. 

After my daughter was born, I lost weight easily and while I struggled only slightly with losing weight, I was unaware on how hard it would be, as I grew older. I had my son at 30 and my real problems with my weight began.  My metabolism had slowed down, my stomach wouldn’t’ GO down after my son was born and the urge to be thin again began to haunt me.  

Over the years since his birth, I’ve tried several methods (some good, others bad) and while I gained some success, it was never lasting. I think part of the problem stemmed from me never asking myself: why I was struggling with my weight.

Struggling with weight is lonely despite the millions of us sharing this problem. I feel that most of the problem lies in our inability to not only ask ourselves why we struggle, but to never address the issues that keep us from accomplishing those goals.  While I have lost over twenty pounds since the beginning of the year, I find myself still fighting to lose the weight.  I now know I need the comfort and help of others and feel Z Living’s new show, The Big Fat Truth, will be a great motivator for losing weight and understanding why I am constantly failing.

The Big Fat Truth, which airs on Sundays at 8pm ET, addresses the down to the root reasons why people struggle with their weight.  Award-winning producer JD Roth presents this new reality series that is created to change everything you know about losing weight.  The show not only gives the participants the necessary tools to lose the weight, but also the optimism to transform their lives for the better. Using problem-solving and motivational skills, Roth takes on the challenge to help save the lives of our greatest unsung heroes.

As executive producer and host of the new reality series The Big Fat Truth on Z Living and based on JD’s recently released book of the same name, JD guides and mentors groups of overweight participants. He poses challenges and provides the tools they need to accomplish their health and weight loss goals.  What I love about this concept is how we will be learning about the basics behind weight loss struggles and may come away with answers to our own issues surrounding our own personal challenges. Each episode will have a different set of participants who are looking to break their bad habits that are detrimental and damaging to their health.

I’m super excited about seeing these people succeed in their weight loss but I’m also eager to learn more about my own struggles and what I need to win this weight loss battle.  Check out the FREE Big Fat 30 Day Challenge to get health and wellness tips from executive producer JD Roth personally, and let’s get our lives back on track when it comes to losing weight!



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