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Are You Spending Too Much On Beauty Hair Care?

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Stores like Ulta and Sephora remain beauty giants due to our obsession over our hair. Called our “crowning glory” for good reason, our tresses are often whipped — sometimes even beaten — into shape so that we can achieve the look that we want for ourselves. Absolutely no one likes bad hair days, so we tend to go out of our way to find the best products to use to have our hair remain healthy, glossy, smooth, and looking beautiful at all times. 

In the pursuit of hair perfection, hair products galore have been dumped on the market, each promising results that’ll have you and your hair always at its gorgeous best. And often, the dizzying array of choices can have us grasping at one product after another, hoping that we will eventually find the ONE miracle product, or the BEST ever regimen to tame our tresses and keep them looking gloriously beautiful. Unfortunately, you can overdo on your hair and your wallet if swept up by the hye. 

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Hair follows natural growth and development processes. With the right hair products —  not necessarily with an entire arsenal of creams, mousses, and sprays, but rather a few carefully selected products — we can positively impact upon the natural processes that our hair undergoes. Products can be used to help get things back on the right track when we’re facing things like dry hair, or other such issues.

On the other hand, too much of a good thing isn’t quite ideal either. Every time we use a new hair product,  we can possibly make things better, but we can also make things worse. For instance, if you suffer from an itchy scalp, you may try and remedy the issue by investing in gels and sprays that promise to ease the itchiness. But gels and sprays that contain alcohol may only exacerbate the issue; and if you use too much, what started out as an itchy scalp could quickly turn into a more serious concern.

Moreover, by using a combination of different products, you may unknowingly be exposing your hair to a slew of ingredients that, when used together, may result in damage that may not be limited to only your hair. Issues that involve other parts of the body could arise, including irritation around the eyes, nose, and throat, skin damage, hives and other allergic reactions — even pneumonia.

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So how do you know if you are indeed using too many hair products? Look out for these signs.

Damaged hair. The best indicator that your hair products are not working like you had hoped they would is the manifestation of precisely what the hair products are designed to counter: damaged hair.

 These problems would include:
impeded hair growth; and
constant breakage

People who over-moisturize their hair — ironically, it would seem — tend have overly limp hair and chronic dryness. The hair will be extremely soft, but will lack the strength that comes with healthy hair — the “softness” is representative of the lack of protein.

Hair that has seen the use of too many products also typically takes longer to dry, especially if you’ve been using a lot of glycerin-based products. This is because glycerin attracts humidity.

Residue on your body, pillows, and other areas. When you’re using too many hair products, they will leave residue on your body, clothes, and pillows. If you’re in the habit of applying a leave-on conditioner before bed, for instance, you are likely to wake up with greasy, overly moisturized hair, especially if you’ve put on too much. Not only that, the excess cream is bound to seep onto your pillows and sheets.

Flaky white residue — what we commonly call dandruff — is one of the consequences that may arise from the use of too many styling products, combined with the excessive use  of styling gadgets. Keep the amount and frequency of use in check so prevent such an issue from happening; make sure, however, that the products are causing the issue, not hard water or your diet.

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Now, does that mean that you should never use hair products? Not quite. Hair products are integral to the health and growth of our hair, and the right ones can provide significant help in ensuring our lovely locks stay lovely.

It is in the way that we use them that the difference lies. If you want to enjoy the benefits of hair products without running the risk of overusing them, consider these pointers.

Use them as recommended, no more, no less. Hair products are made according to formulations designed to address different issues and different types of hair. To truly benefit from them, use them the way the manufacturers meant for them to be used. 

For instance, if you’re using a hair cream to soften dry and frizzy hair in the hopes of turning it into something more smooth and glossy, you’ll want to make sure to keep product away from your roots. Doing so will just leave your hair looking greasy. If you’re using mousse, on the other hand, then you should apply the product to your roots. Knowing the right way to use certain products on your hair will enable you to make the most of things.

Get the right products. In addition, it is important to have your hair properly analyzed so you can better choose hair products that contain all the good things that your hair needs. Try to stick to organic products and keep away from products that have a lot of chemicals and compounds that have been recognized to be bad for hair health. 

It is also vital to choose hair products according to your hair type. If you have fine and straight hair, you should be looking at thickening shampoos and conditioners for volume. If you have kinky or curly hair, keep your locks looking elegant by not using deep conditioners that tend to weigh hair down. 

Supplement With a Healthy Lifestyle. What we put on our hair is not the be-all and end-all of hair care. What goes into our bodies matters as well. Eat foods that are rich in hair-friendly vitamins like biotin and inositol. Also, make sure that you get at least eight hours of sleep every night, for proper cell regeneration and health.

Finally, practice good hair habits. Do not comb wet hair roughly; if you can get away with not combing it at all until it has dried completely, then do so. Finger-comb gently, if you can. Pace your trips to the salon for treatments and don’t overly expose your hair to potential damage one drastic treatment after another may bring.

M Pimentel 

M is a happily married Filipino mother to three wonderful little daughters, ages: 8 years, 5 years, and 4 months old. Her daily life is a struggle between being the Executive Content Director for ProjectFemale and deciding who gets to watch television next. 

She specializes in creating and editing content for female empowerment, parenting, beauty, health/nutrition, and lifestyle. As the daughter of two very hardworking people, she was brought up with strict traditional Asian values and yet embraces modern trends like Facebook, vegan cupcakes, and the occasional singing cat video. 



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