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10 Argan Oil Hair Benefits You Didn’t Know You Needed!

10 Argan Oil Benefits For Hair You Didn't Know You Needed! From anti aging to hair growth, Argan oil is great for natural hair.

Argan oil is a favorite among women for beauty. From anti aging to hair growth, Argan oil benefits are vast and women with natural hair are finding new ways to use it. Our hair thrives off of natural oils that nourish, protect and add shine. With our natural propensity for dryness, we are in constant need of remedies to keep our tresses beautiful and healthy.


Argan oil  answers the prayers of our strands and useful in several ways you may not be aware. Check out ten of the best reasons you need to be stockpiling this natural oil and why curly girls love it!

Argan oil is derived from the argan tree nuts from the native Argan tree in Morocco. Known as “liquid gold”, this oil has been used as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner since ancient times. Argan oil has a unique composition with an more than 200% tocopherols (Vitamin E) than olive oil and has very high levels of fatty acids. Argan oil has Squalene, Polyphenols and Sterols.

A Breakdown Of The Fatty Acids In Argan Oil

Oleic Acid           43-49.1%
Linoleic Acid      29.3-36%
Stearic Acid        4.3-7.2%
Palmitic Acid     11.5-15%

Source: Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology 2010; 62: 1669-1975

Argan oil is a powerhouse oil, light and non-greasy and ideal for our skin and hair. Let’s discuss what we love about this oil for our hair.

10 Argan Oil Benefits For Hair You Didn't Know You Needed! From anti aging to hair growth, Argan oil is great for natural hair.

Protecting hair while swimming is something new to women of color as we normally either steer clear of  getting our hair wet or just jump in and deal with the consequences later or wear a non-useful swim cap.  We have since learned we can protect our hair by wetting with tap water and adding conditioner before water play. A few drops of argan oil added to the conditioner will help keep hair protected during water play but even after swimming make sure to incorporate Argan oil into your wash routine. This will help hair get back its softness and combat dryness.

Ultra-light and non-greasy, Argan oil is a favorite oil among Naturals with low porosity hair. Women suffering from low porosity strands often need to steer clear of heavy oils and products that will just sit on the hair and keep moisture from penetrating the cuticle.


Many naturals complain about missing the sheen or shine of relaxed hair. The difference is science. The smoother and straighter the hair cuticle, the more light it will reflect. When hair is naturally textured (like ours), light will be absorbed into the curls creating less shimmer.  That’s why many say their hair is dull or looks dry.

Popular Brands of Argan Oil


Instead of using chemical shine elixirs, get some sheen by using a few drops of Argan oil to the palm of your hand and running through your strands. It is light and will be fully absorbed into your hair without making it greasy.  You will not get the glossy shine you are used to from your relaxed days, but using something natural and light will give you sheen and help keep hair from being dry and/or frizzy.

10 Argan Oil Benefits For Hair You Didn't Know You Needed! From anti aging to hair growth, Argan oil is great for natural hair.

Naturally textured hair suffers from more dryness than straight hair and many naturals say that is their biggest complaint.  Not always wanting to dose our strands with water, some have opted for using Argan oil to combat the problem. Argan oil is exceptionally high in vitamin E and antioxidants ad both help to reduce skin inflammation and prevent dryness.


If suffering from dry, brittle hair use an overnight deep conditioning treatment. Simply warm 4-10 drops in your hands before massaging into your scalp.   Continue applying all the way to the ends of hair before placing hair in a plastic cap and heading to bed. Make sure to cover hair with a scarf or bonnet to keep oil from getting on your pillowcase. Wash hair in the morning and style as usual.

A treatment done before shampooing the hair, the pre-poo adds moisture and assist in detangling. Not all oils are the same so you pick the oil for whatever your ailment happens to be. If looking for softness and to fight frizz, Argan oil is an ideal oil to use for your pre poo.

Most women will suffer from some sort of hair loss or thinning in her lifetime. Whether from age, medications, stress or poor hair practices, this is not the end of the world, especially if you are aware and will to fix it. Scalp massages are great if you are noticing your hair is thinning and Argan oil should be your go to oil to use according to experts.

“Use your fingertips and a bit of Argan or coconut oil to rub in a circular motion for several minutes before you shampoo,” says John Masters, owner of John Masters Organic Salon. Mary Lupo, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane Medical School.  Argan oil is rich in natural phenols that are beneficial to hair follicles and can promote healthy hair growth.

10 Argan Oil Benefits For Hair You Didn't Know You Needed! From anti aging to hair growth, Argan oil is great for natural hair.

Argan oil is a superior sealing oil that smooths the hair’s cuticle and enforces soft, sleek strands by taming frizz. Light and non-greasy, it is often used for protecting hair from heat styling (I would suggest getting a product with silicones to fully protect the hair) and keeping hair from flyaways.

If looking for a natural hair conditioner, then look no further than the liquid gold. Argan oil soften, smooths and conditions hair so well it can replace your regular rinse-out conditioner (or a few drops can be added to yours). Simply rub into your cleaned wet hair and allow to set for a few minutes (or more with heat) and rinse lightly before continuing your washday routine.

It should come as no surprise that this light, non-greasy oil is ideal as a leave-in conditioner. In conjunction with a regular leave-in (or without), Argan oil will keep hair soft, frizz-frizz and help to define you curls. Used alone is great for anyone wanting to use only all-natural hair products. Using as a leave-in prolongs the benefits of the oil and may be a great alternative commercial brand leave-ins.

10 Argan Oil Benefits For Hair You Didn't Know You Needed! From anti aging to hair growth, Argan oil is great for natural hair.

Only a hair cut or trim will completely rid you of split ends, but if unable to get one done immediately, temporarily fix them with Argan oil.  You don’t want split ends to get worse, so try warming a drop or two in your palms before spreading it throughout your hair and especially on the ends.  This will help the split ends from getting worse and tide you over until your hair next haircut or trim.


I wanted to share this wonderful video from Naptural85 for a mega-moisture hot oil treatment recipe (with the power of Argan oil, along with others) if you are suffering from dryness or frizz. This recipe will completely help!

Which benefit are you ready to try with this amazing oil? Share below!


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    Buying shampoo that has argan oil helps because its all mixed and done for you already.

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