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Coconut Relaxer Or Just A Moisturizing Treatment?


Coconut Relaxer Or Just A Moisturizing Treatment? This coconut relaxer is making rounds again in the natural hair community. Learn about it.

I’ve recently seen this technique the coconut relaxer around again and thought it was time to share this post as it may be making its rounds in the Natural hair blogs, groups and sites.

You can sense my apprehension of this technique.  I cannot image that natural ingredients can ‘relax’ the texture of Black hair or any ethnicity for that matter.  I’ll keep my sarcasm at bay during this post. I heard about this only recently but when I started doing some research I found this Coconut Relaxer has been around for a few years and pretty familiar on the YouTube arena.  I’m not a big YouTube fan and didn’t watch any but there were plenty of Bloggers discussing the coconut relaxer it in length.

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Out of all the blogs I felt explained the process the best as well as giving alternative methods.

1.  “mix the juice of a lime with about half a cup of coconut milk.  Let the solution sit for a few hours until a foam forms on top of the bowl.  Scoop off that foam and apply it to your hair.  Leave it sit for a few hours and then wash your hair. ”

The obvious problem with this first method is how much of the mixture that get wasted as well as it running off your head.  The biggest problem I had was the foam on the top of the bowl.  I don’t wanna put ANYTHING that had a chance to foam on my head!  Yea, me going Natural has made me really leery.

2.  “add your lime and coconut milk to a little bit of olive oil and a spoon or two of cornstarch.  Whisk all these ingredients together over a low heat until they form the consistency of a conditioner that you might find in a store.  This ensures that it will stay on your head better.  The olive oil also helps to keep your hair hydrated.  Then wrap your hair up in a plastic shower cap for a few hours.  Again, shampoo and moisturize as normal.”

OK, adding the olive oil  calmed me down some but then they added cornstarch and put it in a pot!  I’m am soooo not down with that.  I know there are a ton of Naturals who make a lot of their own hair products so this may seem mild to them.

Thirstyroots claimed these are great ways to naturally relax your hair. Another blog I find very knowledgeable didn’t agree.  The Natural Haven discussed a slightly different Coconut Relaxer.

Coconut Oil 
Coconut Cream
Yoghurt (Some add Juice of 1 lime)

“Mix it up, place it on your hair and allow to sit. Et voila, the hair is relaxed……..or is it? Do any of these ingredients have bond breaking capacity like relaxers?

Yes, bacteria in yoghurt can break bonds but whether this extends to hair, I very much doubt it.

Does The Coconut Relaxer Work?

In a word No. I think it is most likely a fussy but good moisturizing treatment. Until I see some real evidence of relaxing, I’m going to say no it does not relax the hair and this is not a coconut relaxer. Would I recommend that you do it? Sure throw out the lime (or maybe make a drink with it!!) and apply the rest, after all coconut oil is great”

Tropical Hair Mask For Softer, Moisturized Natural Hair

The Natural Haven
I agree with the Natural Haven.  Not sure it actually does anything other than moisturize your hair and that’s always a good thing.  I won’t be trying this…..EVER, but to each her own.  If anyone out there has tried it or wanting to try this so called coconut relaxer, let me know and we can post your results.  I’d love to see which of the two methods you tried or maybe you even found another version.

Keeping in the “know” Naturals,


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  1. April 23, 2013 / 7:35 pm

    I've tried my own variation of it and it seems to loosen or make the hair more pliable temporarily. It is definitely the yogurt that does the trick.

    • April 23, 2013 / 8:26 pm

      Thanks for sharing. When I posted this the first time a reader mentioned she called it a deep conditioning method and not a relaxing method. I haven't tried it but sometimes I do wish I didn't have to fight with so much shrinkage. Who knows? Maybe I will give it a try since it's all natural and not really a relaxer.

  2. April 24, 2013 / 9:35 pm

    I use this all the time; it is featured on my blog (Slimwavy) more than once. It is not a relaxer in the traditional chemical sense but it does relax the curl. It does not change the curl pattern by any means. I'd say that it is a wonderful deep conditioner but a relaxer? Hardly.

    • April 25, 2013 / 1:48 pm

      I must try this! I remember you discussing this and maybe that will help in my MASSIVE fight with shrinkage.