Is Blow-Drying Your Transitioning Hair A Serious NO-NO?

Is Blow-Drying Your Transitioning Hair A Serious NO-NO?

I am 6 months natural. Am I supposed to let my hair air-dry now only or can I still blow-dry it?

Air-drying is always going to be less damaging than blow-drying. The combination of heat and tension with a comb attachment or brush can cause breakage along the hair shaft, especially at the line of demarcation. If blow-drying better enables you to style your hair, then try incorporating the steps below to protect your hair from further damage, as transitioning hair is fragile.

After cleansing your hair make sure to deep condition. Never skip deep conditioning when you cleanse your hair, as it moisturizes and strengthens the hair. Moisturizing treatments should always be done prior to any type of heat-styling or manipulation to your hair.

Apply a heat protectant prior to using any thermal tools. Heat protectants are usually formulated with silicones, which coat the hair and reduce the potential for damage. Using a thermal protectant might not be necessary if you are only using cool air for your blow-dryer, but it is still necessary if you decide to straighten.

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