Do Your Nails Grow Faster Than Your Hair?

Do Your Nails Grow Faster Than Your Hair?

Does hair grow faster or slower than fingernails or toenails? All three are made of keratin, a strong protein that is also present in animal hooves, so we assume that they would grow at the same rate, but do they? First let’s discuss what we are dealing with.  

Both hair and nails have living parts, but those living parts are beneath the skin. Hair and nails grow out from a matrix, which for our hair turns into our hair follicle; for our nails it is the nail bed or nail plate. Audrey Sivasothy says, “Cells grow out from the matrix, and older cells eventually are pushed out by newer cells growing in. The newer cells cause the older cells to become compacted, and as the cells are further removed from their blood supply, they form keratin proteins and begin to harden into the hair fiber, or nail, that we see.” Hair and nails are the results and are known as keratinization, which is what makes our hair and nails grow.

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Do Your Nails Grow Faster Than Your Hair?


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