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Vacation Braids Perfect for Summer And Fall 2023

More black women are traveling and not just for family vacations. We are taking girl trips, traveling alone or just exploring the world with our significant other. From every inch of the world we can be seen snapping pics and experiencing vacation travel with ease. While traveling can pose it’s own challenges, traveling and finding the perfect vacation hair or natural hairstyle for beauty, ease and comfort can be an even bigger hurdle.  That’s where vacation braids come into play.  Braids are always a great option but vacation braids have taken over the scene and ideal for most women this vacation season.

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From trying to find our coveted products in Bali to finding a natural hair salon in Paris, black women are trying to make the best of traveling without hairstyle concerns. What can this natural hair blog do to help? We can show you how to rock an easy vacation style, namely braids, that will allow you to worry less about your hair and more about getting the best pics imaginable. Check out 6 of the best below along with videos on how to install them yourselves:

Knotless Braids – Vacation Braids

Pretty popular now, knotless braids are great for vacation hair this summer and fall.  Why are they one of the best options for many black women?  Because of what they are.

Knotless braids are a variation of box braids that are pain free and cause less tension on the scalp, due to their lack of a knot commonly found in box braids.

Knotless braids are the go-to protective style because they are not as heavy, easy to manage and not as tight and that is always a winner.  My daughter had them and here is a pic.

Vacation braids are hot for summer and fall 2022, and it's time to get some. Not sure which ones to get? Check out our list

Don’t they look great? She loved them and they lasted long, never looked raggedy and she didn’t get those annoying white bumps at the nape or in the front you sometimes get when the braids are super tight.  Knotless braids can be created on a huge range of styles and if you are tender-headed, this may be the style for vacation braids this summer and fall.


Summer is here and it's time to find the perfect Vacation Hair that is natural. Natural hairstyles are brimming with cute and fun styles to rock all summer long. Braids, faux Locs and more!

Faux Locs – Vacation Hair

Faux Locs are the perfect style to rock this summer if you’re looking for a fresh spin to your summer look. They are super easy to care for while taking in an exciting safari or walking  around Nasrullah Meydanı square. You can rock them long, medium length or short depending on the look you’re going for.

Vacation braids are hot for summer and fall 2022, and it's time to get some. Not sure which ones to get? Check out our list

They are trendy, easy to maintain but know they take some getting with the added weight. Opt for going as short as you would like so not to have added tension on your scalp. Here’s how you can do them yourself to save a few coins for the trip!

If you want to give this amazing style a try, this video is the one for you! Always know that there are plenty of professionals hairstylists with varying prices to go to for this popular vacation hair look. Low on cash and hair skills? Check out college and cosmetology students as they are talented and cheaper too!

Box Braids – Vacation Hair

I LOVE box braids and will forever swoon to the long ones. Box braids are a classic style you see black women rocking on vacation. While this isn’t really an innovative style, it’s still one to consider since they last long, are low maintenance, and super cute while you sip wine in Napa Valley.

Vacation braids are hot for summer and fall 2022, and it's time to get some. Not sure which ones to get? Check out our list

Just like faux Locs, these braids can be rocked long, medium or short, thick, thin and everywhere in between but the upside from Faux Locs is that box braids are lighter on the scalp.  They are in every color on the color wheel so have fun with color, including ombre and fitting highlights into the mix.

ForeverCryssy has a great tutorial for beginners:

I think this is definitely one of the best videos on creating your own box braids but just like I mentioned above, there are several other venues to take for getting them installed.  One of the best ways to find someone is when you see someone rocking gorgeous ones. Simply ask where they got them done. Word of mouth is always a good idea.

Ghana Braids – Vacation Hair

Everyone’s familiar with cornrows, but Ghana braids are a very similar and an easy style to rock this summer. If you’re interested in cornrowing your hair but are afraid that cornrows will make you look too harsh or masculine, Ghana braids could be a great alternative for you.

Vacation braids are hot for summer and fall 2022, and it's time to get some. Not sure which ones to get? Check out our list

This technique feeds small amounts of weave into the cornrow as it’s braided instead of adding all of the hair at once. This allows the braid to gradually increase in size as it goes from beginning to end. This style will not last as long as the previous ones mentioned but it will up well for you for the entire Lake of Stars Music + Arts Project. Here’s MariaAntoinetteTv’s tutorial on how to achieve Ghana braids:

Ghana braids may not last as long as other styles, but they are popular, quicker to install than other vacation hair looks and extremely stylish and fun for vacations.  Many women opt for this style whether natural or even relaxed.

Senegalese Twists –  Vacation Hair

If you’re not too good at braiding, twisting your hair is another option for you to choose from this summer. Senegalese twists stay popular because they are regal and look great on everyone.  Large Senegalese twists are easy to install and a lovely alternative to braids as you pick your perfect Airbnb for your stay in Cuba.  Senegalese twists are also a little more lightweight than box braids, offering a little less stress on your scalp.

Vacation braids are hot for summer and fall 2022, and it's time to get some. Not sure which ones to get? Check out our list

Senegalese twists continue to be popular as a vacation hair look but also a transitioning or protective style too. Many women flock to them as they are easier to install if you are not a braider. They can be short, long, colorful or neutral. The desire is up to the wearer. Check out a simple tutorial that’s easy to follow and will have you with your twists in no time!

 These styles do not have to be damaging as long as they are installed properly and not too tight, kept in as long as suggested and hair underneath is never neglected. These styles can be installed professionally but with time and a little work on your part they can be installed by you. They last longer than regular styles, look amazing, and will give you some versatility.

However you choose to rock your hair while on vacay, make sure to moisturize, protect and nurture those tresses while you have the time of your life.  Wear longer bonnets to keep your hair covered and protected while you sleep. This will help the style stay longer and fresher.

How do you rock your hair while on vacation Naturals?


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