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Hot Air Brush For Straight Natural Hairstyles

Hot air brush is a hybrid of brush. This cross between a blow dryer and styling brush is a hot item and many women are finding it their fave.

Straightening natural hair does not have to be a challenge or damaging to the health of your tresses.   Nor do you have to use a flat iron if you don’t want too. Technology is moving in the right direction and there are now hair straighteners available like the hot tool the hot air brush that will give you the best hair you want!

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Versatility just like variety is the spice of life so being able to choose how to take care of one’s hair is only limited by the individual’s needs. One product that I’ve been hearing about lately is a Hot Air Brush and what a great tool it is drying hair and straightening it at the same time.

The Hot Air Brush (or at least a ceramic retaining hair brush) seems like a perfect fit for any wavy, curly, or coily girl. Let’s explain what it is and why this is the better choice.

This tool is considered a hybrid or a metamorphosis of a brush.  It is a blow dryer + brush styling tool where warm air is forced through a vented barrel (which has teeth) to allow styling while drying the hair.  There are a variety of styles in these brushes as some are simply a brush that emits hot air while others are a hot iron with bristles and those differences will yield very different results.  For curly girls wanting straighter hair the hot air brush is a viable option if bone straight hair is not the intended outcome although silk wrapping after should give an even straighter look.

Hot air brush is a hybrid of brush. This cross between a blow dryer and styling brush is a hot item and many women are finding it their fave.

How do you use a hot air brush?

These hair tools can give volume, curls, and waves and simplifies the process of hair-styling while drying your tresses.  A 2 for 1 kind of product. For curly girls they can actually straighten the hair or decrease the curls while adding volume.  These brushes are not intended for use on wet hair.

Hair needs to be 75 to 80% dry (air dried or blow dried) with the user sectioning hair and using the brushes on each section holding close to the scalp as possible to build volume.  Gently pull on the brush down the sides as you would a flat iron but never pull hard or without holding the hair as you pull.

Why use a ceramic brush?

A ceramic hot air brush is great for curly girls because it has those ceramic plates that heat up quickly and that shortens the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat and that also helps avoid heat damage.  They heat up evenly so no worries on burned spots. The constant temperatures allows for optimum temperature being maintained which allows for faster styling and decreases the need for going through a section over and over again.


The negative ions which a ceramic hairbrush emits counteract the positive ions in hair which eliminates static electricity and eliminates flyaway and frizz. Negative ions also lock in hair’s natural oils for a smoother and healthier looking straight style. Lastly, they glide through the hair easily with less snagging and pulling on coils and curls.  Despite the advantages of the ceramic hot air brush it is still a heat styling tool so using a heat protectant is necessary!  Never skimp on that purchase. Prices for ceramic hairbrushes range from $20 to $80 so they are a good investment especially if planning on using pretty regularly.

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Here’s an example of it being used below by a Natural.  Despite how easy she makes it look this tool may not be ideal for fine haired naturals as it may be tugging at your strands so make sure you take that into account before purchasing and trying.

Hot Air Brush Results! Sleek…!

Products used:

Hot Tools Professional Thermal Hot Air Brush 
TRESemmé Climate Protection Shampoo
Renpure Originals Brazilian Keratin Straightening Conditioner 
Got 2b Guardian Angel Heat Protectant 
Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Crème Hair Dress
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Anti-Frizz Serum

Have you tried a hot air brush and if so, what did you think? Share below!



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