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Damaged Hair From Summer? We’ve Got What You Need!

Damaged hair from too summer fun? Here's some advice from hair expert, Jodi Dery. Let's get hair ready for fall and winter.

Not sure about you, but we had our first day of fall snow here in Denver a few days ago. While I am still in summer mode, the weather says otherwise and the days of carefree summer hair are over. As many of you head back to college, back to school or just back from vacation, the dry, brittle possibly colored hair is telling you, you have damaged hair and it’s time to fix it.


First, there are signs to look for that hair is actually damaged so you really want to know what they are. We got all the deets on how to spot damaged hair and how to fix it from Jodi Dery, co-founder of HairRx and Cloud 10 hair care lines.

To take care of your damaged tresses for Fall and winter, Jodi says ,“when hair feels dry and tangles easily even when wet or when there are visible split ends and breakage, chances are you have sun damaged hair.” Other symptoms include if colored hair fades quickly and a lack of elasticity.  Let’s find out what can cause damaged hair.

There are four culprits to summer damaged hair from Jodi

  • Not doing enough conditioning treatments, and/or not using quality shampoos and conditioners that target your hair’s specific needs.
  • Over exposure to the sun.
  • Overuse of heat styling: Blow-dryer, flat irons, curling irons.
  • Over washing hair.

Help exists to rescue damaged hair from this season. Jodi recommends the following four tips to transition your hair from summer to fall:

  • Skip your shampoo a couple times a week and just condition the ends.
  • Use a leave in conditioner or treatment on the ends when you run errands or go to the gym.
  • Always use sulfate-free/paraben-free products.
  • For color treated hair, schedule a deep conditioning treatment and a gloss on your next salon visit.

See if you have damaged hair from too summer fun from hair expert, Jodi Dery. Let's get hair ready for fall and winter with the right hair products.

How To use Hair products In All Four Seasons for damaged hair

I am big on wearing my favorite style, the wash and go year around but it requires different products from season to season. Jodi explains what works best to maintain healthy hair:

“Any products and styling tools can be used any time of the year, but it’s best to use less heat styling during the summer months since exposure to the sun is inevitable,” she explains. “As seasons change, so do hair care needs, so it’s best to choose shampoo and conditioner formulas that address your specific hair care needs such as hydrating, nourishing, revitalizing or volumizing.”

Damaged Hair? Your Hair Cuticle Is Probably The Problem!

It’s never too early to start planning for next summer and to implement ways to prevent sun damaged hair. Jodi recommends if a woman must blow dry her hair to use the lowest heart setting, use a leave-in conditioner before blow drying and to use a protective spray to finish styling.  Make sure to use a heat protectant to even further protect your hair. 

Another preventative tip includes limiting the amount of times you wash your hair each week. “Use a dry shampoo in between washes to eliminate oil at the roots, which can buy you another day or two before having to wash your hair again,” Jodi suggests. “Let your hair air dry, learn a simple braid or pony style that you can wear every few days.

Many naturals love using dry shampoos especially when wearing certain styles like weaves or crochet braids.  We often have to think outside the box when caring for natural hair and a great option during fall and winter for cleansing hair is a great dry shampoo. Another great style to wear to prolong your hair in-between washes is wearing scarves, updo or even twists and/or braids. 

A final seasonal tip 

Deep condition every washday to assist in keeping hair strong, full of elasticity and hydrated during the cooler and drier months. We should be deep conditioning every washday but make it priority this fall and winter especially if you’ve been neglectful this past summer. 

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