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30 Day Sugar Challenge For Getting Back On Track

30 Day Sugar Challenge for Octboer is a great way to get back on track before we are in full swing of the holidays. Here's what to give up.

Welcome October! Welcome and come save me as I allowed myself to enjoy my birthday month a little too much! As most of you know, I just turned 50 and lost 60 pounds within this past year. I ALSO got too friendly with sugar and gained a few pounds back.  Not only that, but the sugar monkey is on my back and as we step into fall, I need to restructure my eating habits.

First things first, I’m doing a 30 day sugar challenge for the entire month of October and would LOVE if you would join me. This will be called the Seriously Natural Sugar Challenge and use #seriouslynaturalsugarchallenge to share your progress on social media.


I am a big lover of carbs. I love bread and all forms of it. From crackers to muffins to bagels, I can consume bread as a meal if I allow myself to do so. Well guess what? That is a big no no for me since I gained some weight back as a result. Not a lot but enough for me to decide to do a 30 day sugar challenge where I will be ditching some of my favorite foods.

My Weight Loss Journey – Losing Sixty Pounds In One Year

The holidays are coming. Halloween is at the end of the month and then we run into the big food holidays and I just don’t want to add any more weight before the come around. I’ve done a little homework and came up with a challenge that will allow me to lower the carbs, and hopefully get me to steer clear of processed sugar which makes me crave more sugar.  It’s a vicious cycle that I must stop and I have listed the items I will be ditching for the entire month of October.

There are varying items people add to a 30 day sugar challenge, and I added my top contributors to the weight I gained in September.  Yes, that means no Halloween candy will be consumed and that’s a good thing. I love candy. I’ve been eating Milky Way bars like I owned stock in them lately.

I will be adding my creamer to my coffee every morning so that’s the only sugar I am allowing myself during this challenge and I measure it out everyday. I suggest you pick something (1 thing) to still eat, if you need to, but make sure you portion it and not go ham.  The objective for the month is to get the sugar monkey off our back.  This will help when the holidays roll around and we lose weight AND have better control of what we eat so we don’t gain for the rest of the year.

Low Carb Eating For My Health & Weight Loss

Make sure to stock up on some healthy snacks like nuts and fruit to help during the process. Have the good foods around you and ditch the bad ones. It’s hard when you live with others but maybe ask if they wouldn’t mind ditching them so you can do this with less distractions. It won’t kill your family to do without all that sugar for 1 month.

I am super excited to start this challenge and hope you will join me. I plan on sharing how it’s going daily on social media and would love for you to share how it’s going for you too. Together, we can get off to a great start for the holidays and not feel pressure to start a New Year’s resolution of losing weight. The goal is to be already losing and just continue on or meet our goal weight and be stronger as a result.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water, maintain portion control and forgive yourself for hiccups that may come along the way.  Remember, use #seriouslynaturalsugarchallenge to share your progress on social media.




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