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Apricot Oil For Beautiful Hair & Skin

We love discussing natural oils on this site because they assist in healthy hair and skincare. Carrier and essential oils work hard moisturizing, sealing and even cleaning our bodies and one amazing oil that is gaining popularity with naturals is Apricot oil.  Apricot oil may not be a household name for naturals but it will be soon!


Although most of us would like to argue that coconut oil is the be-all-end-all solution for everything from dry scalp to crusty feet, apricot oil has been making waves for a while as possibly being one of the best oils in the game. So what’s so great about it? What is it about Apricot oil that has everyone in such a tizzy?

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Seem silly to ask, but how it’s made is pretty important. Apricot oil is derived from dried apricot kernels (Prunus armeniaca) that have been cold pressed or through solvent extraction. Cold pressed is actually better as this method does not alter the chemical compounds in the oil. These kernels have an oil content of about 40-50% and is mainly composed of linoleic and oleic fatty acids, as well as Vitamin A, D & E. The fatty acids that it contains work wonders for both skin and hair health, paving the way for apricot oil to make its way into a host of different beauty products of all descriptions.

Native to Armenia, although believed Apricots may have originated in China, the largest producer of Apricots is actually Turkey. This oil is a powerhouse of benefits that aid skin and hair.  Here is a breakdown of what the oil does:


These properties are what make this oil so great for hair and skin whether protecting, enhancing or even helping it to be more beautiful, youthful and healthy. Let’s check out exactly what it does for your hair and skin.

Apricot oil is becoming more popular for natural har and skincare and for good reason. This light oil is great for sealing in moisture.

Oleic acid specifically makes both hair and skin softer and more pliable while linoleic acid actively stimulates hair growth and aid in moisture retention. Although it does not penetrate the actual hair shaft, apricot oil prevents moisture from evaporating from your strands. This is incredibly important for those of us who suffer from high porosity hair (such as myself) and loses moisture easily.

Apricot oil is very light, which is perfect if your hair has the tendency to feel greasy with other carrier oils. Its light nature allows it to be used as a sealant, leave-in, pre-poo, post-poo, hot oil treatment, and as a treatment for dry scalp.

Apricot oil seals moisture into the hair shaft by shaping the scales of the cuticle and holding them together. This helps protect the hair from harsh elements and damage, and smooth cuticles encourage hair sheen. Vitamin A helps heal a host of skin conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and eczema. In addition to this, Vitamin E prevents free radicals and UV damage in order to reduce the risk of damage from pollution and harmful UVA rays.

This amazing oil is fairly versatile in its use in comparison to some heavier carrier oils. It can be used to grease the scalp, as pre-poo, hot oil treatment, as a leave-in, split end “mender,” and as an oil treatment before chemical hair treatments. You can even add apricot oil to your favorite conditioner, shampoo, leave-ins and creams.

I wanted to share this great video on an hot oil treatment with Apricot oil from Crystal Michelle.  I know how much you all love videos! Since it’s a carrier oil, it can be paired with essential oils like  lavenderPeppermint and rosemary as a custom oil mixture and can be whipped with your favorite butters in order to aid in their sealant properties.

We love discussing our hair but we must share how amazing this oil is for our precious melanin-dipped skin. Excellent for persons with sensitive skin, Apricot oil is a non-irritant, light and soothing oil that percolates deep into the skin.  As an emollient, it moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes skin and excellent for using in conjunction with essential oils to help them penetrate safely into skin.

Many OTC products use apricot oil in creams, lotions and moisturizers but you can harness the goodness of this oil directly to halt dry skin. Many women use this amazing oil to fight wrinkle and acne. The strong antioxidant properties make it great for killing bacteria causing acne topically, and sensitive enough to be used directly on the face. Be sure to rinse with water and pat dry with a clean towel to ensure it does not clog pores. This is also a great oil for massage and couples well with carrier oils like sweet almond oil and essential oils.


Check out this amazing 3 Ingredient Facial Moisturizer that’s perfect if  you prefer using all natural ingredients in your beauty routine.

Using a 1 ounce glass bottle fill 2/3 of the way with apricot oil, fill the bottle just about full with rosehip oil and then add two drops of lavender or Peppermint  oil. This trio will be great for naturally dry or acne-prone skin. What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate Apricot oil into your regimen?



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