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Laser Liposuction For Women Can Be Affordable & Convenient

Liposuction Can Be Affordable & Convenient and not just for the rich. Work on your body with diet and exercise and use Liposuction to sculpt problem areas.

I talk about beauty in all forms on this blog. This is a safe space for all women who want to learn how to stay beautiful, and healthy while living their busy lives. Let’s face it. We are ALL getting older and no one is getting any younger despite black don’t crack #truth!  Despite that, we still are concerned with how we look and that includes more than fighting wrinkles. I’m talking about our bodies and yes, how to improve them, like with the help of Liposuction.

Since I turned 49 last month, I’ve been thinking more about my body and how to keep it beautiful by losing weight and finally getting it toned. I’ve been working on my eating and getting my heart rate up with exercise, but I know I would like to do more to get my body looking better.  Listen, not everything requires going under the knife an I just want to share with you other ways to body in better shape. One popular method is Laser Liposuction.

What is Laser Liposuction?

Liposuction is an effective surgical procedure to slim and reshape specific areas to remove excess fat deposits to improve body contours and proportion. The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia, intravenous sedation, or with minimal oral sedation and local tumescence (diluted lidocaine-based fluid to completely numb the area being treated).

This is a safe and effective treatments for fat removal with a short downtime. Liposuction can treat various areas of the body and the areas that can be treated are:

Jowls/Neck; Upper arms, male chest, abdomen, waist/hips/lower back, back/front bra roll, dorsal hump, thighs/knees and calves/ankles. 

While Laser liposuction will not address any underlying metabolic or hormonal issues that may have caused the weight gain, the procedure will remove stubborn diet-and exercise-resistant fat from your problem areas.  Liposuction is not intended for weight loss or treatment for obesity, but rather to get rid of stubborn fat deposits not amenable to diet and exercise.

Another important factor to share is that this is NOT just for models and the uber rich. This is an affordable procedure too.  Add that more and more people are using this amazing tool that is low risk and a highly safe procedure, and you can see why it was time to share. I also want to share one of the best companies to use when wanting this procedure. Sono Bello®.

Sono Bello® is a national leader in laser liposuction and body contouring.  In just over a decade, Sono Bello® has grown into an industry leader with 60+ locations spanning across the United States.  They employ only highly skilled physicians who specialize in cutting-edge, personalized total body transformations for their clients.  They take the honor of transforming your body seriously by enlisting in three important standards: experience, specialization and customization.

They work on laser fat removal, cellulite reduction, excess skin removal and male chest reduction.  Sono Bello® uses Micro-Laser Lipo with TriSculpt® which targets your problem areas and eliminates fat in as little as one day. Their advanced, fully-customized micro-laser lipo procedure restores the natural contours of your body to not only bring out your best self, but to make you feel more LIKE yourself.  They work with only reputable financing companies to offer a variety of payment plans that meet almost any budget. Yes, this means you can afford this procedure.

I have not tried this procedure, but best believe I want to. I want to take my body to the next level and know I may need to get some enhancements to get it there. I also know when I do take this step, it will be with  a reputable company like Sono Bello®.

If you are interested in learning more or are ready to take the plunge, check them out here: Sono Bello® – but hurry because for a limited time they have employee pricing for everyone!!



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