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Should You Wash Your Hair Less In The Colder Months? Winter Hair Tips

Should You Wash Your Hair Less In The Colder Months? Winter Hair Tips That Aid In Keeping Natural Hair Moisturized, Healthy & Beautiful!

With the temperature on the decline, you’ll more than likely be putting those frequent wash & gos on halt until the warmer months. Keeping your hair at its healthiest in the winter is a bit of a challenge due to the fact that the hair experiences dramatic changes in temperature and conditions when going in and outside. Yes, there is a regimen for healthy winter hair!

 Co-Washing – Natural Hair 101

From the dry heat indoors to the blistering cold outside, it is important to keep the hair as moisturized as possible without leaving the hair wet or damp. With that being said, women often tend to wash their hair less during the winter months since they aren’t sweating as much but is that a good decision? Is washing your hair less during the winter really beneficial to your curls?

The Dangers of Washing Your Hair Too Much During the Winter

During the winter months as you fight with winter hair conditions, our hair becomes dry very easily due to the absence of moisture in the air. The dry heat from indoors robs our hair of moisture, as well as the cold weather outdoors so it’s pretty much a lose-lose situation.

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Washing your hair too much during the winter will also rob it of the moisture it needs to remain healthy, especially if you’re using something clarifying. Also, leaving the hair wet or damp when going outside can actually cause the hair to freeze and break off causing unnecessary damage. Reducing the amount of wash days you do is beneficial to some due to the fact that the hair seems to flourish the most when you aren’t messing with it.

Changing your wash schedule to every other week could be the best choice for your hair if you don’t mind going an extra week without washing.

Some Benefits to Washing Your Hair More Frequently During the Winter

If you are using a clarifying conditioner, cowash or moisturizing shampoo to cleanse your scalp, this could be beneficial to your hair as long as you are imparting moisture into your strands regularly. Although the scalp is being cleaned, the hair is not being robbed of moisture and it is actually benefiting the hair rather than causing more dryness. In addition to washing your hair frequently, you will also be forced to deep condition frequently which is an important factor when protecting your hair from the drying conditions of the harsh cold.

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All in all, washing your hair frequently during the winter months depends on your situation. If you exercise regularly and your hair needs to be washed, be sure to deep condition every single time, follow up with a moisturizer, and seal with a heavy oil or cream. This will ensure that the moisture is retained by your hair and that the hair is protected from the harsh elements. You also need to make sure you are allowing your hair to dry thoroughly before leaving the house in order to reduce any chance of additional breakage.

Washing Hair In Sections & The Benefits

If you love you wash & gos, invest in a diffuser that you can attach to your blow-dryer so that you can make sure the hair is completely dry before leaving the house. Another tip to consider is washing your hair on a day that you don’t plan on going out so that you can let your hair air dry. Of course, protective styling is a great way to stretch out time in between washes without feeling too guilty about it. Keeping the hair tucked away in twists, braids or an updo will not only retain moisture, but it will also protect the hair from rubbing against itself in the wind and rubbing against drying fabrics (scarves, hats, sweaters etc.).

While these winter hair tips may work for some, they may not work for all. Customize your regimen to your situation and watch your hair reap the benefits.



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