Sanaa Lathan, The Big Chop & Behind The Scenes On New Netflix Movie

Sanaa Lathan, The Big Chop & Behind The Scenes On New Netflix Movie

Sanaa Lathan is magnificent and every role she takes on, she breathes life into the character. She’s working on a new movie and yes, the movie is in production but the book came first. The book Netflix is bringing to life is Nappily Ever After, by Trisha R. Thomas, a hugely popular novel about a Violet Jones, a successful black woman who gives up her long hair and long-time boyfriend for a short, natural cut and a new declaration on life.

The lovely Sanaa Lathan has taken on the role of Violet Jones, and all this month Sanaa has been sharing her transformation as the main character.  Earlier this month she shared her shaved head and it made made waves throughout social media!

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She’s been sharing all the styles Violet has worn and many mirror some of my own along with others many women have rocked prior to going natural from blonde to black to every style in-between.  According to

Nappily Ever After, centers on Violet Jones (Lathan), who has a seemingly flawless life until an accident at the hair dresser causes things in her life to unravel and she begins to realize that she was living the life she thought she was supposed to live, not the one that she really wanted. She starts to put the pieces back together with a little help from a soulful barber and his young daughter. Violet finds the courage to cast off some of the things that she didn’t really need, starting with the perfectly straightened hair, and find a life that has real meaning.

We are loving her new do’ and enjoying her inclusion of her fans as she brings this amazing character to life. Many of us can relate to Violet and her hair journey so we are super exited about this project. The movie is scheduled for 2018 and I will make sure to keep you posted on the Sanaa and her Big Chop!



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