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How To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

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There is nothing worse than spending a ton of money to color your hair and quickly watch the beautiful color fade.  Achieving lasting color or steering clear of color fading may even keep you from taking the plunge because a great  hair color can sometimes break the bank!  Those who are veteran hair dye users often complain about how fast their hair color fades. It looks shiny and vibrant immediately after leaving the salon, but a few weeks down the line and you’re left with a dull, lifeless color.


This doesn’t have to be your fate this fall if you are wanting to add some color this season. There are real ways to make your color last, with less fading and more vibrancy for this upcoming holiday season. Check out the best tips below and get ready for a colorful fall!

Top Products For Hair Color Lasting


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No, this is not a dream! Skipping a few wash days is top on the list! One of the leading causes of hair color fading is washing. Both shampoo and plain water can cause hair dye pigments to fade fast. The detergents found in many shampoos work against hair dye pigments and speed up color fading. Water naturally dilutes color pigment, resulting in faded, dull color. If color preservation is your goal, try limiting your number of wash days and instead opt for a good dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner.


Also try use color-treated shampoos like Hempz Original Herbal Shampoo FOR Damaged & Color-Treated Hair or Matrix® Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair for optimal color and cleansing.  Make a conscious decision to use products specifically for color-treated hair when you do use them as they make it priority to fight color fading.


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Clarifying treatments and shampoos are often described as being too harsh, as they strip the hair of buildup and natural oils found in the hair. However, removing dirt and product buildup from the hair is critical to making sure that hair pigment remains vibrant and bright and hair stays clean.  Using a natural clarifier, such as apple cider vinegar, removes mineral buildup without stripping the hair of natural oils and hair dye pigments.

Many naturals now know the importance of a clarifying shampoo from time to time to remove product build-up like sulfates. I would suggest steering clear of those types of ingredients if you do not want to clarify too often but if you must, try adding some baking soda to your regular gentle shampoo.

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Yes, we love our heat styling tools but when it comes to hair color, they are doing your hue no justice! Professional colorists suggest steering clear a week or two after the coloring to help prevent fading. This includes blow dryers and flat irons because those types of tools actually speed up the process of color fading.

Use them sparingly even after a couple of weeks as they often create dryness and with the hair becoming weakened by hair color, the added heat may create a damaging atmosphere for your hair.


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The sun and heat styling tools can cause hair color to fade. If you spend a lot of time in the sun or use hot water and heat styling tools frequently, you may want to cut back if you wish to preserve your hair color. Heat causes the hair cuticle to open, thus releasing hair dye pigments. The newly freed pigments are then easily washed or transferred away and you see the awful color fade.  In order for your hair color to stay vibrant, wear a heat protectant when heat styling or before going out in the sun.

Top Products For Hair Color Lasting

Don’t skimp this purchase as a quality heat protectant is always necessary but essential when using hair color.  A couple of favorites of Naturals would be the GHD Heat Protect Spray and ION Heat Protecting Smoothing Spray.


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At home hair color just doesn’t last as long as professional grade dye treatments and that’s just the truth of it. Experienced hair stylists know all the tricks of the trade, which often increase the longevity of hair color. A professional can also make recommendations about which products will work best to extend the color of your dye job.

Here’s a trick I heard that may help: Take your favorite hydrating shampoo to your stylist or colorist and have them tint it to match the color of your hair color. This means that every time you wash, you’re giving yourself a color touch-up and will be diminishing the dreaded color fading!

What tips do you like for making hair color last? 



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