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Natural Ingredients That Will Make Your Conditioner GREAT!

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If water is our hair’s life’s blood, then conditioner was created to protect it. Conditioner to a natural aka curly girl, allows our hair to be great. They protect, lock in moisture, and even keep frizz at bay. A good conditioner will be a natural’s best friend but even the best conditioner can use a little help like some much loved natural ingredients that will step up your conditioner game.

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I love my faves but even they need some extra oomph to take them to supreme status with a few items from Mother Nature. We’ve got seven…that’s right SEVEN natural ingredients that will allow you to get the MOST out of your conditioner and get your great hair status!

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Coconut oil gets all the love but we really need to step up our knowledge on the magnificence of coconut milk. The medium chain fatty acids that are found in coconut milk are able to penetrate into the hair shaft in order to moisturize the hair within the follicle.

It has also been shown to promote hair growth, fight inflammation and reduce hair loss since it contains Vitamin E, and the protein that coconut milk contains also helps rebuild and strengthen the hair.  Adding some of this wonder milk to your conditioner will step turn your average conditioner to mega-status without busting your wallet.

Natural Ingredients like oils and butter are excellent additions to your favorite conditioner. They make it great and step up your hair game!

Greek yogurt is not just great for our bodies as greek yogurt superior nutritionally over regular yogurt. Greek yogurt has double the protein, half the carbs but twice the fat of regular yogurt. I love it and have gotten used to the taste but this mega-hit in the dietary world is just as great for our hair.

Greek yogurt adds shine, moisture, helps to fight frizz and even aids in detangling. Adding some natural ingredients like this wonder to your conditioner will step up your conditioning game on the cheap.


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Honey, a natural humectant and moisturizer, is a sweet food made by bees from the flowers’ nectar. It contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals, water and pinocembrin. Honey is an emollient so it not only seals in moisture but helps to condition your strands. This is why it is GREAT when added to your conditioner.

Simply add one teaspoon to your conditioner (not the bottle but the amount you plan on using on your hair) and mix well. You will notice a big difference even on the first try. You will see more shine and frizz fighting than you’ve seen from any over the counter serum.Know as a natural healer, Aloe comes from the Aloe plant also known as the lily of the desert. Aloe has topical and oral benefits and both the gel and juice come from the plant, only from different parts. Aloe gel is clear substance you see when you split the leaf in half and the juice is found directly under the green skin of the leaf.  Both have moisturizing properties that will reduce frizz and add shine to your tresses and make an excellent addition to your favorite conditioner.

Simply add one teaspoon to your conditioner (not the bottle but the amount you plan on using on your hair) and mix well. You can adjust each time you try this to find the correct amount that gives you all the necessary moisture your strands need.

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Many of you already know that mayo is not a good source of protein for our hair. The proteins are just too big and need to be broken down the protein in mayo has amino acids that are too large to fit into the hair shaft. That does not mean it cannot do wonders for your hair. Because of its rich content of amino acids and nourishing oils, mayonnaise is one of the best ingredients to add to your conditioner for fighting frizz and conditioning.

Again, experiment with the amount starting with a teaspoon to the amount of conditioner you plan on using on your hair. Adjust accordingly to your liking.

Natural Ingredients like oils and butter are excellent additions to your favorite conditioner. They make it great and step up your hair game!

We have all heard about the trick of adding lemon juice to your hair to lighten it but this superfood can do much for your tresses and all in a good way. Lemons are mostly water but their most important ingredient is citric acid,  they also have significant amounts of vitamin C.  They also contains smaller amounts of thiamin, magnesium, folate, and vitamin B6.


Adding lemon juice to your conditioner will help to fight dandruff while also reduce dullness and restore your hair’s natural shine. It will also help if you feel your hair is greasy (as opposed to being naturally moisturized) and try using a little at first to ensure you don’t overdo it. I would add a few drops to see how that works and add or reduce as needed.

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No shock here on how beneficial natural oils can be to your hair. ONe of the easiest ways to boost your conditioner is adding a natural oil with some benefits your hair is starving for. From moisturizing, to strengthening to simply adding shine or softness; natural oils are the way to go to get your conditioner to mega-status. Here are some favorite oils to use and what they can do for your hair:

Jojoba Oil – The soothing and moisturizing effects of this oil treats the hair follicles from deep inside which is proven helpful in keeping your hair dandruff free.

Argan Oil –  A few drops of Argan oil is highly capable of nourishing, moisturizing and protecting your hair from the heat. Regular use of this oil will surely reduce dry and brittle hair leaving your hair soft and manageable perfect for a frequent use.

Tea Tree Oil – Often used in shampoos but also has a place in conditioner, this oil is particularly effective against fungus, bacteria and viruses and can help with many ailments from dandruff to head lice.

Castor Oil – An ideal solution for better hair growth. This 100% pure, natural and unadulterated oil is packed with various vital elements such as vitamin E, minerals, proteins, anti-fungal properties and more. Castor oil has been proven helpful for controlling hair loss, fighting scalp infections and dandruff.

Olive Oil – When applied to hair, it renders a sleeker look by concealing the damaged hair strands and conditioning them. It also contains an impressive amount of vitamin E and other monounsaturated fatty acids that promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.

Lavender Oil – This oil is a stimulating, meaning that it increases circulation to the scalp, kind of essential oil. Not only does that encourage new hair growth, but it also provides much needed nutrients and oxygen to the roots of the hair, which makes the root stronger and reduces the amount of shedding.

Coconut Oil – One of the few oils that can fully penetrate the hair follicle, it begins by rebuilding it from the inside out and reducing the likelihood of unnecessary damage.

I know how much you all LOVE videos and DIY recipes, so I’ve got a great video from Naptural85 for a ultra-nourishing and frizz-fighting conditioner. She uses a banana,Aloe vera gel, coconut milk, Olive oil, Argan and Rosehip Oil to create a pretty amazing conditioner with those beloved natural ingredients that will give you all you need for prize-winning conditioner!

I think I will be trying a few of these myself Naturals, and which natural ingredients are you going to try? Share below!



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