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Pre Poo Mistakes: The Experts Give The Deets!

Are you making these pre poo mistakes? Find out here!

The prepoo is a vital staple in natural haircare. To poo or not to poo is also an issues as some swear by it while others find no real use in it. The biggest problem we find is that when using it, many black women are making grave mistakes! 


A treatment done before shampooing the hair, the pre-poo adds moisture and assist in detangling. From DIY to OTC, the options are vast, but there are a few "truths" to remember to ensure the best possible outcome from using them.  Check out a few we have found will make sure your use is beneficial.

Are you making these pre poo mistakes? Find out here!

As a regular committer of this infraction, take it from me for knowing how crucial this mistake can become. Pre poos help to cut down on detangling sessions and for some women, detangling is a challenge and a chore. The extra moisturizing will help loosen any tangles and snags on wash day and create softness. That added boost of moisture allows hair to be more pliable and stave off the negative effects of shampoos which are meant to rid hair of all dirt and oils. Remember: we need those oils! 

That all helps in reducing breakage, longer wash days and having hair too squeaky clean which can end up causing dryness and brittle strands. A pre poo may not be needed every wash day, but it needs to play a part when hair is fragile and in need of some extra care.

Are you making these pre poo mistakes? Find out here!

Not every oil is ideal for an effective pre poo. According to American Board Certified Haircolorist, celebrity hair stylist, and makeup artist, MonaĆ© Everett, we need to, "Avoid using heavy oils such as Castor Oil and Almond Oil on dry hair. She adds, "These oils are too thick to penetrate the hair shaft, so they make a great sealant. For best results wet your hair before applying a thick sealant oil such as these." 

Most oils are not moisturizing or will penetrate the hair shaft. Oils that do are: 
Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Olive Oil
Ucuuba Butter
Babassu Oil

Make sure to use those to ensure they are not just sitting on top and making cleansing harder instead of penetrating the hair shaft and deep moisturizing your thirsty hair. 

Are you making these pre poo mistakes? Find out here!

As the natural hair movement continues to take over the beauty world, brands are vying for our dollars and creating products for just about EVERYTHING! Pre-poos are increasing in numbers on shelves but you do not need to buy one to get all the right benefits for your hair. Using a natural oil, moisturizing DIY conditioner or hair butter will work expertly at getting hair detangled, pliable and moisturized. 


Some of my 4C lovelies feel they need that extra moisture loving recipes, so watch Chanel Oldham as she creates an easy and powerfully penetrating pre poo that will love your 4C hair!  She gives step by step, clear instructions but can I just share some hair envy on that puff?! 

Are you making these pre poo mistakes? Find out here!

Just as we use heat in our deep conditioning, adding heat with a thermal cap, hooded dryer or plastic cap during a pre poo will give you optimal benefits. The added heat will help the oils to penetrate the hair shaft more quicker and more effectively also decreasing your washday routine. This is great when you are short on time and using a plastic cap is almost necessary as pre-poos are often messy!

Not sure on what to use? Check out NappyFu TV as she shares the differences between pre-pooing with an oil and a conditioner. Remember how important trial and error is so try a few different items to find out which one gives you the best one for your tresses!

Have you tried a pre-poo and what is your favorite pre poo to use?


  1. Thank you for this information I have been mixing my grapeseed oil and castor oil I'll eliminate the castor oil when doing a prepoo from now on.

    1. I'm glad this information was helpful!!! Always here to help love. Thanks for commenting.

    2. The grapeseed oil should be removed also because it's not a penetrating oil either. Coconut oil is the best oil to use for a pre poo

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I will share this info with her as you are correct.


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