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Top Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Suffering from hair loss? We've got the biggest contributors listed.

Most women will suffer from some sort of hair loss within her lifetime. From hair thinning to hair fall, women have often thought this was more of a problem for men and does not concern us. Sorry, but many of the very products we've been using over the years have slowly been depleting the hair of its protein and oils that it needs to grow strong and fight off the attack.


Even if the medications you are taking or treatments for certain illnesses are causing the loss of your hair, speaking with a physician is advised because they can offer more natural approaches that have less impact on hair growth.  If you are suffering from above average hair loss and want to take back control of the situation, the following top 5 reasons women suffer from hair loss should help you get a better idea as to what is causing the underlying issue.

Suffering from hair loss? We've got the biggest contributors listed.

Anemia can be summed up in one simple phrase, a low iron intake. The reason that most women become anemic is because they are not getting enough iron in their diets to begin with, but then add into the mix a heavy menstruation flow each month that flushes the system of what little iron remains. The result is inadequate folic acid left in the body, and that starts the ball rolling downhill fast.

According to research at WebMD, what happens next is the body begins to produce lower levels of hemoglobin, and that means the vital organs in the body are going to get less oxygen.

This chain reaction will eventually result in hair loss because a lack of oxygen to the hair follicles makes them weaker and easier to break. If the condition persists, hair loss will become more clear.

Suffering from hair loss? We've got the biggest contributors listed.

For many women, they don't even realize that they are causing their own hair loss as a result of poor hair etiquette. Natural oils in the hair are there to protect the strands and follicle from damage, but inadvertently, women are eliminating that protective oil without even realizing when using cleaning shampoos.


Many of those so-called quality cleaning shampoos contain toxic chemicals that strip away the natural oils each time you wash your hair. Once the natural oils are stripped away, the exposed hair is now vulnerable to damage from the heat of the hair dryer, straight iron, or curling iron.

Now that weaker and brittle hair is exposed to products with harsh chemicals that further weaker and damage the hair, like hair spray, hair coloring, mousse, and gels. Over time, the exposed hair shafts lose their ability to grow and simply fall out.

Suffering from hair loss? We've got the biggest contributors listed.

One of the things you can not avoid is the way menopause is going to effect your body. During this time, the body of a woman is going to go through a huge amount of different changes, and one is significant hair loss.

According to research at Old Metairie Dermatology, when the estrogen levels in the body drop during menopause, it can be a contributing factor to hair loss. The low levels of estrogen cause the hair to become dry, brittle, and unhealthy, and if you are not making efforts to combat the condition, the hair will eventually begin falling out.

During this time it is best to use organic or mild shampoos to help slow down the process while you make appropriate changes to your diet to get the hair healthy again before they begin to break off. There are many all-natural supplements that you can begin taking during this time to replenish your body so the hair roots get all the nutrients that they need to grow strong and fight off attacks.

Suffering from hair loss? We've got the biggest contributors listed.

Many women reach for very powerful pain killers once a month to combat the pain associated with menstrual cramps. Then you have those who are knowingly taking birth control pills that have dangerous side effects because they do not want to get pregnant.

These medications are packed with toxic ingredients, many of which the doctor is not 100% sure what they are. You only need to watch television for a few minutes to see commercials on medications and hear the 2 minute list of potential side effects they warrant. Hair loss is usually one of the top side effects they tell you may result, and to stop taking if that is the case.
There are many all-natural products on the market today like CBD hemp oil that contain no toxins and can help to restore damage to the hair. The CBD oils repair years of damage at the roots so the hair will grow healthy again and be able to endure the heat of those styling devices you use daily.

Suffering from hair loss? We've got the biggest contributors listed.

Many women think that a crash diet will get them in that wedding dress, prom dress, or ready for their high school reunion in a week after not eating right for years. Losing too much weight suddenly is a recipe for disaster, especially when it comes to the health of your hair.  According to the FDA, the hair needs plenty of protein-rich foods to grow healthy. Crash diets deprive the body of those proteins, and the result is the hair that needs those proteins becomes brittle and weak. The hair is comprised of a protein called keratin, and without replenishing the source, hair loss is simply inevitable.


When you try to lose too much weight too fast, you are depriving the system of vital nutrients, all of which have a negative impact on hair growth. Exercise and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will get the desired result without putting a strain on the health of the hair.  Now, these 5 reasons women suffer from hair loss can be treated by changing your diet or the way you take care of your body.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, there are things like hereditary, genes, and certain medical conditions that have a negative impact on your hair, and seeing your physician is the best way to treat those conditions. With certain diseases, the body naturally creates antibodies to protect the cells at the cost of damaging the hair. In these cases, your doctor can help with options that will not have such a dramatic effect on your hair. Just relax, even stress can have a negative impact on the condition of your hair even if you are doing all the right things. Making small changes today will have a positive impact on your hair for the coming years.

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I never like to leave you empty-handed, so here's a super popular DIY hair growth mask that you may want to try to help with your hair loss. Remember, you have to figure out what the problem is before you can properly fix it. So, once you have that information, then you may want to try this to help the ill-effects of hair loss. 


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