6 Hair Apps For Natural Hairstyles, Salons & More

Click here for hair apps that are vital to a healthy natural hair journey!

Technology is queen and black women are using it in growing numbers to make life easier. What apps are gaining ground for us?  Hair apps! Whether looking for a hair coloring app or a ‘natural hair stylist near me’, we are using our phones and tablets to care for our tresses and they are the newest and smartest ways to go.


Now, you no longer have to spends hours on Instagram or Facebook for pictures of natural hairstyles for ideas, texture identities and what’s new in hair products. You also can find that sense of community that many naturals complain about missing since it seems they are slowly disappearing. this natural hair blog has found a few apps for iPhone and Android users to check out and begin taking that extra step to hair excellence on their natural hair journey.

Click here for hair apps that are vital to a healthy natural hair journey!

If you want a review or know what people think about a particular stylist then you have to try the Styleseat app.  Thousands of professionals utilize Styleseat which is a app that will show real customer reviews, list of stylist prices and a few pics of styles the hair stylist creates. This app is based on you entering your location and  deciding when and what you want done. The app will show you the nearest stylist to your location and you decide the time and date for an appointment. 

This is a great tool for not only finding a professional that’s near you but also can make appointments at the app! Talk about convenience which is what most women want, hell EXPECT in this day and age. 

Click here for hair apps that are vital to a healthy natural hair journey!

Hair Journal is a free app for the natural who feels they want to really track their growth, health and journey. This app will do all the work for you. Just enter what you know (or think) like color, hair type,  when you went natural and even add reminders of ideas or things to buy for your hair. You can jot down styles you want to create, new products to try or your staple regimen. This app is perfect for any natural who really wants to journal their journey and stay on top of all their natural hair needs.   


The purpose of this app is to journal about your hair to better care for your tresses and find what products and techniques work best for you. 

Click here for hair apps that are vital to a healthy natural hair journey!

The Bantu App is free on Apple iTunes and Google Play and has been around since last year. Very similar to StyleSeat but catering to women of color, this app was featured (by me) on Essence just last year. It’s not just for natural hair, but relaxed hair too and for every hair type as it helps you find reputable and talented hairstylists in your area. You can target the right hairdresser for yourself by searching by proximity, price, rating, or hair style. 

The app lends you access to phone and email of local hairdressers and you can call them right from the Bantu app.  It’s a great way for hairstylists to reach more clients, showcase their talents and connect with more women of color in Canada, USA, UK and France. 

Click here for hair apps that are vital to a healthy natural hair journey!

The Curly Nikki app is for the community craving natural who loves forums and discussing everything about ‘hurr’.  Curlynikki.com forums is a member of the NaturallyCurly.com network and where you will find “tips and tricks from experts, reviews of hair-care products, how tos, friendly advice, support and discussions about all things naturally curly.” It seems forums have slipped by the wayside for naturals so if you are into this type of community, you will be quite pleased! Psst! Love using your PC? You can still access the forums from the website!

Click here for hair apps that are vital to a healthy natural hair journey!

For the journal junkies out there who prefer digital convenience, the HairBook – Hair Journey app is all you will ever need to stay on track and take pics of your hair and products, record your regimen, chat with peers, get product reviews and link to natural hair websites. Excellent graphics make it pleasing to the eye and user-friendly. A one-stop shop for taking your natural hair journey to serious levels. 

“Hairbook is a tracker that helps all types of hair. With hairbook, you can keep track of your hair journey to ensure that you are actually achieve your goals.” 

Click here for hair apps that are vital to a healthy natural hair journey!

The Myavana Hair Journey app comes from the scientifically marvelous creators of Myavana.  Myavana is a hair care system that uses sample strands of your hair to analyze and asses “key hair characteristics down to the microscopic level that matches you with the best products and ingredients on the market.” I was fortunate enough to try this service (shared on Naturallycurly.com) and found it very useful in my hair regimen, product purchases and washday routine. 

The app “provides a special place to share your hair journey and connect with other women through your hair care experiences. Myavana provides access to your hair care plan which is set up through a monthly membership and provides recommendations based on scientific hair strand analysis.” 


The app is free but the analysis (or membership) is not, but let me tell you how beneficial getting my hair analyzed has been for me.   

Click here for hair apps that are vital to a healthy natural hair journey!

There are several other apps that cater to natural hair but most are limited by geographical locales. We wanted to share six of the best for naturals all over the country and in some apps, all over the world. Whatever app or apps you choose, expect to see more access to products, hairstyles and recommendations at your fingertips, as natural hair goes digital!

What is your favorite natural hair app? Share below!


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  1. April 12, 2017 / 11:22 pm

    CurlMatch is another GREAT mobile app. It matches your hair type and texture to a list of recommended hair products. You can get it on Google Play and the App Store: http://www.curlmatch.com

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