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What I’m Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

I want to start out by saying thank you. Thank you to all the naturals, style and beauty lovers who have made this blog a success. I truly appreciate the follows, questions, and love you give me weekly. Now…let’s get down to what’s going on and where I’m headed. 

I’ve been blogging for over six years now (lawd!) and when this started out it was a journey not only into my natural hair path but to share what was needed in hair and beauty for the black woman over 30.  This blog has become a space for accurate information and news on black women who rock natural hair and love learning about all things natural. No worries, as this will continue but I want to keep you abreast on some changes in my life and the life of this blog.

I’m giving up on a few things, giving into a few others and getting into some new areas that may be of great interest to you.

Giving up…

taking on everyone else’s burden – for one, I’m far from perfect and need to give myself a break sometimes. I take on the burdens of others and tend to be extremely hard on myself for just about everything. I am finally taking on my own burdens, and ditching the rest. Sorry, not sorry!

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

trying to look perfect – I have been struggling with my weight for years and while I still plan on losing it, I will not make it the main focus of my life and continue to dislike my body. Yes, I urge others to love themselves completely but I have not been following my own advice and it only breeds negativity throughout myself and stifles my creativity. I’m over it! No New Year’s resolution for my weight and concentrating on living better. 

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

financial insecurity (debt) – working for yourself is scary but it is also rewarding and meant for me. I accept the ups and downs that it brings in my life but I will no longer accept one way of supporting myself and my family. As black women (are) the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America, I know this is the right path but for me to grow, so I must get out of unnecessary debt which is holding me back. 

We are on a budget and I’ve got a plan. I’ll be sharing as much as I feel comfortable with but I will surely share some tips that I find are working. 

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

Giving into…

my hair’s need to gray – I have no real issues with going gray but I think I need to ditch all chemicals so that also goes for hair coloring outside of coffee and tea rinses.  I mostly have grays at the front of my head so you will see them more and I totally welcome them!

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

natural desire to write – I love writing and have been putting off my creative writing for some time now. Expect to see some new ebooks, necessities and niceties for naturals, creative writing projects and more information on working for self. as I mentioned above, we are booming in the working for self arena so I know many of you are interested in how to do it and do it well!

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

living a healthier life – I want this more than anything and I realize that I am the only obstacle in my way to getting there.  As I struggle with plantar fasciitis (in both feet) from running track in junior high and high school and a bum knee from 2012, I am not ready to be an old injured lady. I’m working on getting both body parts right so that I can actually exercise and get a better body and when I say better I mean healthier!

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

my children growing up – sounds weird huh? I don’t really talk about my kids that much on the blog because I’m not a Mommy blogger (hate that title) and my kids are not the center of this blog. They are one of the centers of my life and as they are 21 and 15, it’s time for me to allow them to be the adults they are becoming and discuss more things about empty nesters and how to deal with it. 

I have quite a few women in my age group with grown children and I’m ready to discuss what we find interesting and that includes travel, getting kids financially savvy and retirement. Hey, it’s never too early for that so expect a lot more of what you want from me. 

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

lifestyle status – No, you will NEVER catch me smiling aimlessly standing next to a brick wall. I ain’t that put together but without me realizing it, this blog started out as a natural hair blog and has morphed into a lifestyle blog. As I discuss everything from hair to weight loss to politics and everything in-between, it would be remiss of me to call this anything other than what it is and this is a lifestyle blog that focuses on natural hair, beauty, travel and health.  I own it and will share accordingly!

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

traveling- I’ve got the traveling bug and while I’ve discussed some of my travel, I’m ready to do more. Hey, my kids are pretty much grown and we are wanting to see the world. My best friend (MP – hubby) and I are heading to only a few place in 2017 (working on debt, remember?) but kicking it up in 2018. I will be sharing some amazing places in Denver and other places we may traipse off to in neighboring states and where to stay. 

What I'm Giving Up & Giving Into In 2017

I know 2016 sucked for many of us and I’m making sure 2017 is hella better and more about positivity despite what others may be doing.  I’m here for you and this blog is and will always be a resource spot for hair, beauty…Oh, hell, a lifestyle comfort spot for women over 30 who have specific needs to live and enjoy life well! 

Tell me what you’ve got planned for 2017 Lovelies,


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