How To Create The Best Natural Hair Blowout

Natural Hair Blowout



Many newly Naturals are participating in NO-HEAT Challenges (I’ll explain next week!) but for many new and veteran Naturals, rocking a straight style like a blowout is a sexy style that is fun to wear from time to time. Now, I’m promoting rocking straight hair (from heat) too often as heat can damage our strands but I am offering some tips to keep your style not only moisturized but lasting.


Straight hair is a lovely option for many naturals but it can be a dangerous process as it can damage the hair if not applied correctly or used too often. However, there is a way to not only stave off heat damage but to keep your strands healthy and moisturized. Here are seven vital tips to longer lasting blowouts that do not compromise your hair’s moisture. 

Concerns With Using Heat

I would be negligent in not discussing how dangerous heat styling can be to our delicate strands so here is some information you need to consider. 

Curlier, kinkier and coilier textures cannot withstand the high temperatures of heat appliances like naturally straight hair can and many woman of color incur heat damage as a result. Heat damage is hair that has had heat styling tools set on temperatures too high, too long, passed over too many times (or all of the above) and the hair loses it’s natural elasticity. This damages the hair shaft and changes it’s original curl, coil or kink. 

Heat damage is irreversible AND there is no such thing as heat training. If your hair does not revert back to it’s natural coil, kink or coil, it has incurred heat damage. Cutting it off is the only remedy for this so use the lowest setting possible, use heat protectant and pass through the hair once if using a flat iron like the BaBylissPRO 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer

How To Make Your Blowout Last Longer & Stay Moisturized

Natural Hair Blowout


Start With Clean Hair (Clarify!)
Always start with fully cleansed hair as dirty hair will not allow all the product build-up, dirt and sweat to be seared into your strands from the heat styling tool. A clarifying shampoo like Design Essentials® Oat Protein Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo is a great choice. If not hair will have no bounce or life and wreck your style. You can follow up with a moisturizing shampoo (I often do) like Design Essentials® Honey Crème Moisture Retention Shampoo and remember to use moisturizing conditioners too!

Get The Moisture In Before You Use Heat
Your hair needs to be moisturized at the deepest level and only certain ingredients have that ability to penetrate the hair shaft to do it. Make sure to concentrate on moisturizing and condition by using a great deep conditioner and use heat like Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque or Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner. Moisturized hair just looks better and there’s nothing worse than a straight style that looks brittle or dry. 

Use A Good Heat Protectant!
This goes without saying but many are still thinking this is a waste of money. Heat protectants or good heat protectants like Ion Heat Protection Spray or Karmin Heat Protection & Shining Spray. Most of us steer clear of silicones but they are excellent as heat protectants. They apply to the strands like a shield and while keeping moisture they protect the hair from the heat styling tool. This will help keep your hair from drying out and will allow you to use enough heat to allow the style to last longer. 


Make sure to use a great blow dryer for natural hair like the DevaCurl Dryer and Diffuser, or the Remington T-Studio Silk Ceramic Dryer. 

Use Non-Water Based Products For Maintenance
Our hair LOVES water based products but if you want your straight style to last longer, steer clear of them as they will make your hair revert back to it’s natural state. Also, avoid moisture at all costs by covering head with a scarf and plastic cap in the shower. If you work out, don’t wrap up your hair if you sweat in your head. Place in a ponytail or up in a loose bun and allow to fully dry before wrapping at night. 

Protect Hair At Night
We should all be protecting our natural strands at night all the time but if you want your blowout to last longer and to not dry out since cotton pillowcases whisk away moisture and will create frizz on your blowout. 

Wrap It Up!
Most of us are no strangers to the wrap. I was wrapping my hair so much that when my daughter was born she was rocking the wrap too! (true story!). The wrap is simply combing or brushing your hair so that it wraps around your entire head.  It may take some practice to master but it really helps in preserving your style and can be used at night or when going out in the rain or humid weather. There are even some products to help preserve your wrapped style like the Donna Satin Hair Wrap.  


When it comes to straight styles, make sure to limit the heat you use, impart the moisture in the beginning and maintain your look with a few tips that are super simple. 

What’s your favorite tip on making your blowout last and stay moisturized?




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