6 Ways To Celebrate Going Natural When You Are The Only Natural In Your Circle

6 Ways To Celebrate Going Natural When You Are The Only Natural In Your Circle


Sorry, but not EVERYONE is is going to be happy you are going natural. It may seem like the entire world of black women are embracing their natural roots, but in reality we are still in the minority. I often forget about this as most of my family is now natural and I’ve been natural for over 11 years. Despite my rose-colored glasses I have to remind myself not everyone is on the natural hair bandwagon and far too many women are still feeling the weight of judgement by their relaxed counterparts. 

Despite the negativity one may face from work, friends and even family, there are amazing ways to celebrate and enjoy your natural hair and stay on a positive path. Here are six ways to celebrate your natural tresses. 

Reward your hair (and yourself) at milestones
There is nothing like rewards to keep us going. When you advance to natural hair milestones like six months natural, a year or when it is time to BC, reward yourself with pampering that make you feel special.  Whether it be a mani/pedi or buying that plush hair product you’ve been eyeing; give yourself the treat of encouragement for staying the course on living a better life for your hair. 

Stop to enjoy the journey
There are so many steps, how-to’s, products, advice and opinions about going natural that it can clutter your mind and turn your hair into a chore. We don’t want that and neither should you. Sometimes you just need to step back, reconnect with your purpose and remember why you took this journey in the first place. Close your mind to the naysayers, skeptics, and those who judge, and just enjoy your new path to healthier hair. Turn off the noise and stay focused on you.

Share your love
The is the world of the selfie and they really do make you feel good. I say ham it up and take some selfies of your natural tresses. Share on IG (used tag #naturalhairforbeginners for feature), Facebook and twitter or just keep them to yourself and admire your gorgeous mane.  Love your hair and share that love and watch how lovely you feel about your hair. 

Photo courtesy of BGLH 

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