Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans | Hotel Review

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

Every person on this planet needs to visit New Orleans. While I am slightly biased (met hubby there and consider it ‘home’), New Orleans is like no other with its rich culture, food, spirit and history.  I love the city and all it has to offer including the amazing places to visit and to stay. 


Due to my oldest heading off down south for school at LSU, we had to head to Louisiana in a long two car drive that turned into anything but smooth. From one car’s air conditioning dying out to trying to find a new place for her to live on the fly, our easy-going trip was quickly turning into a disaster!

It would have been easy to just lose all control but we tiredly managed.  One of the biggest ways we were able to keep it moving was our one night stay at the 5 star hotel, The Windsor Court and it was memorable! 

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

The Windsor Court Hotel is nestled perfectly between the river and the french market and right in the heart of downtown. Winning several hotel and dining awards for being absolutely the best in luxury, this hotel is exactly what one needs to get away from the day to day and enjoy their stay while in New Orleans.

All four of us were frazzled when we got there but that quickly dissipated once we drove up to the hotel. Upon getting out of our hot car we were greeted warmly and ushered into the elaborate lobby.

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

This hotel is all about luxury. From the Victorian themed decor to the spacious rooms, we felt we had walked into a very different hotel. From the twice daily housekeeping service including nightly turndown to the original and stunning artwork, you felt all amenities were created especially for you to enjoy. 

They were able to accommodate our need to check in early as we were still running around in the city. We were super busy taking care of Megan and the car mishap so we stepped out for a few hours to only come back to their special service. 

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

They had sweets and sparkling water and a lovely card welcoming us to the hotel. I was not expecting it and it allowed me to calm down a tad and enjoy the pampering. 

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

The card was a sweet touch! Not only were we graced with delectable deserts (there were yummy!) but I was personally addressed for simply staying in their hotel. How’s that for feeling special? 


Now for the good stuff…the room was exquisite. We had a premium suite with two queen sized beds and a full living and work space that fit my family of four well. Actually it was rather big! 

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

Here is a breakdown on the suite:

  • Classic English/French Vogue decor
  • 800 square feet of living and working space
  • two queen beds in the bedroom
  • Separate, large living room with couch, work desk and chairs 
  • French doors for privacy from the bedroom
  • Butler’s pantry
  • private balconies
  • Large dressing and vanity area
  • Genuine Italian marble bath
  • Mini-bar
  • Complimentary high-speed internet, wired and wireless
  • iHome docking stations
  • Customizable voicemail
  • Coffee and coffee maker

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

The kids loved the suite and I fell in love with the bathroom and that amazing large dressing and vanity. Those extras always get me and make me feel the most comfortable. The suite was immaculate and the decor was warmly inviting. All concern was put on elegance and they made sure to meet that expectation for their guests. 

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

The bar was fully stacked, the beds were insanely plush and the furnishings were lavish but what I loved the most were the extras niceties that made me giddy. We loved the complimentary slippers with the Windsor Court crest that matched the plush robes because who remembers to bring those and isn’t that always a sign of lavishness? 


There was even a doorbell! A doorbell and it was charming to say the least. I felt like I was in a high rise more than a hotel and was having much fun with the selfies.

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

The hotel has so much more to offer than just elaborate suites. The pool (which I WISH we would have had time for) was massive in size and top-notch is style. They have a full workout room close by that had more workout equipment than I am able to understand how to use. 

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

It is hard to show everything but what I cannot forget to share is the breathtaking view from our private balcony. In one short video I share the beauty of New Orleans from The Windsor Court Hotel and let me tell you…it is amazing.

New orleans is amazing at night. View from Windsor Court.
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The Windsor Court Hotel has attentive staff, exquisite rooms and suites, plush amenities and nestled in the heart of the downtown by the french market and river. 

Staying In Luxury At The Windsor Court New Orleans

We are spoiled and want to visit again when we have more time to truly embrace and enjoy the pool, dinner and that soothing spa that captured my soul just by walking through. 

When you visit New Orleans, make sure to check out downtown and for the epitome of luxury, make sure to stay at the Windsor Court Hotel for opulence, style and truly a peaceful trip. 


Thanks to The Windsor Court Hotel for supporting me on my visit to New Orleans. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. October 11, 2016 / 6:11 am

    The Windsor Court was such a perfect hotel for stay. It was within walking distance of the French Quarter yet far away from the craziness. This hotel truly felt like a "home away from home."

    Kim –

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