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The Benefits Of Steam For Keeping Hair Moisturized

The benefits of steam for keeping hair moisturized

Fall is here and we need to give some TLC to our over-stressed, under-cared for tresses. Summer was hot and humid for most but fall and winter can be just as harsh to our strands. Many women will experience more dryness than ever as it gets colder and keeping hair moisturized will be the #1 challenge for many natural and curly girls.  One of the best ways to increase your hair’s moisture and keep hair’s hydration at peak levels is to hair steam and fall and winter are ideal conditions for it.

What is hair steaming or to hair steam

Hair steam is using steam or moist heat to hair strands and aids hair and scalp more than you realize. Hair steaming can be done in a few different ways from utilizing steam from a shower to using hand-held or hooded steamers.

Hair steaming can be done year-round but I use and need it more during the colder months when the temperatures dip and the dry climate in Denver can get even drier. Here are some vital benefits to your strands and scalp from hair steaming:

More Effective Deep Conditioning – If you suffer from low porosity hair or hair dryness, hair steaming helps to lift the hair’s cuticle so that moisture can get in and this allows for a more effective deep conditioning treatment that doesn’t require hours or overnight to accomplish.

Make Your Hot Oil Treatment Work Harder – Often we think just leaving products or oils on our hair longer will do the trick but hair steaming makes penetrating oils like coconut or olive oil work better at moisturizing and sealing.

Encourages Blood Flow To The ScalpHair steaming gets the blood flowing the the scalp and scalp circulation increases nourishment to the hair follicles and that encourages hair growth.

Aids In A Healthier Scalp – Healthy hair growth needs a healthy scalp and heat steaming helps to unclog scalp pores and purify the scalp of toxins. This is ideal if a scalp exfoliation is not something you are interested in trying.

Improves Hair Elasticity – Elasticity or the ability for strands to stretch without snapping is important because dry, brittle strands break and elastic ones do not.

Photo courtesy of Q-Redew

One of the best hair steamers outside of using your shower is the hand-held Q-Redew. I have one and I love it! Easy to use, portable and hugely popular, this natural and curly hair tool is a must if you suffer from hair dryness or want to increase your hair’s elasticity. The Q-Redew not only helps with adding moisture to your strands but many naturals use it for detangling, hair stretching and reshaping hair because it can be used on wet or dry hair and it is much cheaper than hooded hair steamers.

Gabrielle Union Fall Collection 2022 at NY& CO

I have one so I know how well it works and have been using for over two years with no regrets. I simply fill it up with water, wait a few minutes and begin rejuvenating my strands. It never burns or spits out hot water so I can even get all up in those roots to hydrate well.

Let’s keep our hair in optimal health this fall and winter and give the hair steam a much-needed try. Your hair will thank you for it!


Thank you Q-Redew for sponsoring this post but as always, the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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