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As more women go natural, the problems and dangers of relaxers are becoming ever more present. Honesty, this latest news is hard to believe it took this long to be realized. Delicia Taylor is suing L’Oréal claiming a hair relaxer manufactured by the company left her partially bald, burned with blisters and scabs according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.  

Ms. Taylor used the SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer and this story first broke when a class action suit was filed in California federal court by attorney Mark Geragos. 

The federal lawsuit claims the product caused “disturbing and distressing injuries including hair loss and breakage as well as scalp irritation, blisters and burns,” per the AFP.  The lawsuit also claims the relaxer has hardly any Alma oil (despite the packaging promoting it does), and instead is filled with “dangerous mix of irritants and potentially toxic substances.”

Photo courtesty of TMZ

Ms. Taylor is supposedly suing “on behalf of all women allegedly burned for more than $5 million in damages.” 

I cannot say I’m surprised but wonder if this will turn into an even bigger class action suit. We will be keeping you abreast of the situation.

You can read more here: Yahoo Beauty

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