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5 Uncommon But Essential Tools For Washing Natural Hair

5 Uncommon But Essential Tools For Washing Natural Hair

Washing our hair is an essential component for keeping it healthy. How you wash natural hair and what you use to wash natural hair are important to keeping it clean and moisturized but that’s not all you need. You need tools to do it properly and to make sure your efforts are not counter-productive.


Most naturals wash their hair in the shower and keep most of their products in there at all times. It’s just easier for many but even the sink lovers know they need essentials close by to make sure the process goes smoothly and effortlessly. Yes, we need shampoo, conditioner and maybe even a shower cap but there are a few more items that will make your wash routine even better. 

Glass Nail File

Glass nail files gives you perfect nails even when hands are wet. Nails being perfect will be needed once you realize how easily they snag on our natural strands. Chipped, peeled, frayed nails cause havoc and often we are not even aware until we have started washing our hair. Getting a glass nail file allows you to file the nails while wet in the shower or in the kitchen because it is waterproof. 


I’ve been doing this for years and have noticed that often my nails look great until I get in the shower and then they snag on my hair causing ripping and yanking and I am unable to handle my hair properly. 

Shower Comb

Some may find this to be a given but there are still naturals not utilizing the benefits of a shower comb. They aid in tangles but also in fully distributing product throughout the strands while washing and conditioning. 

They glide through wet hair as long as you are gentle and work out tangles instead of ripping them out. I’ve gone back to using mine and have found I am getting better product distribution and removing more tangles than in the past. 

Hair Shears

Not an obvious choice but hair shears help with trimming wet hair or if a dusting is needed if you see frayed or split ends. For even after the wash they come in handy as trimming hair when hair is wet is ideal if you wear your hair curly most of the time.  

Don’t be cheap on your purchase either. No one says to spend hundreds of dollars and yes there are some that expensive but for the most part, spend a little money to get a good pair that will last and give you precise spending. 

Shower Mirror

Another golden item to have in the shower when washing hair is the shower mirror that ensure you get all the knots out and product fully distributed. It’s also great if you need to use those shears for dusting and removing frayed ends.  Make sure it is fog-free or it will be a waste.


Gloves? Yes gloves need to be on this list. Gloves are another way to ensure you do not get your nails snagged in your hair. Gloves are also great at gliding through your hair better with or without product and remove the need for well groomed nails. Sure we should want great looking nails, but honestly if you just want to wash your hair with no issues, getting some latex gloves is a great asset. 

When it comes to washing natural hair, thinking outside the box will always keep you in good spirits and with good hair. Make sure you have all you need so that your washing experience is a positive one. 

What uncommon tools do you use on washday?



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