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4 Solutions For A Bad Natural Hair Haircut

4 Solutions For A Bad Natural Hair Haircut

A bad haircut is the worst! I…MEAN…THE…WORST!  It dampens your mood, your morning (as you try and salvage it everyday) and you dread thinking about how long it is going to take to grow out into something else.  Well, imagine that happening to a natural who has entrusted someone with her tresses even though she truly feared it would be a bad idea.

 My DevaCut: What I learned & What I Loved

Naturals tend to take care of their own hair because let’s face it…we really did not have anyone to do it for us.  Honestly, there were not any natural hairstylists around working on natural hair just a few years ago.  They weren’t trained on our hair in it’s natural state so we adapted by doing everything ourselves from straightening to trimming to styling.  Only recently have we seen a flood of natural hair professionals emerging and while it is exciting it is still quite scary.

Should we trust them? Should we give them a try?  Sure, why not because going to the salon can be a pleasant experience and even stress-relieving. So as more of us take part in trusting salons again we run the risk of bad services regardless of the recommendations of others.  Sometimes you just get a bad haircut.

OK, you got the bad cut.  Now, what do you do?  Just wait for it to grow out? Well, you kind of have to do that anyway but there are other options to stay looking amazing while you wait for that messed up style to work its way out of your hair’s system. 

Fake It Till You Make It

Rock a wig, braids, or hair clips like Kurly Klips to hide the hideous cut until it grows out.  No one says it has to be forever but if you cannot stand your cut there is no need to torturing yourself by trying to work with the style.

Crochet braids are a great option too. Cute, easy to install and care for. You cannot beat it. 

4 Solutions For A Bad Natural Hair Haircut

Make It Big

That’s right, volumize the hell out of your hair.  Afros, big puffs, curly Fros…they all are hella popular and no one is expecting your hair to be perfectly round or even all over.  They are perfect for any shape. Pin it up in unique ways if need be and just rock the bigness.

Rock the scarves, hats and headbands

Too easy to do and with hats, scarves and headbands being so popular you can hide your mishap quite easily with several items from a Loc Soc to a slouchy hat.

4 Solutions For A Bad Natural Hair Haircut

Correct It

Sometimes it is just easier to bite the bullet and correct it.  Now, this could be tricky because do you really want to go back to ole girl who jacked you up, or do you want to chance your hair with someone else?  It is up to you to decide but a true natural hair professional should be able to rescue your hair from its present state and give you an alternative look to rock. 

Always remember hair grows back and this is just a temporary setback in your beautiful natural hair journey.

How do you mask or fix a bad haircut? Share below!



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