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Reduce Breakage During Detangling, 8 Simple Tips

Reduce breakage when detangling is one of the best ways to keep more hair on your head and retain length. We've got 8 tips that really work!

As naturals we face different challenges with our hair, whether if it is the beginning stages (transition) or just pure frustration with not knowing what to do. KEEP CALM! DON’T FRET! This is not an uncommon issue at all. One thing we must do to maintain our hair in its most healthy state, is avoiding or reduce breakage during detangling. Personally, I must detangle before washing.


If you do not, then you are setting yourself up for failure. These eight tips I will share with you can help tremendously and add ease to your hair regimen and/or hair prep.

Comb out hair before washing to Reduce breakage

When prepping your hair for a wash, I recommend sectioning your hair in at least four parts. Once you have done that, comb from the ends of your hair instead of from the roots. This causes less pulling of your hair.  Sectioning hair when you wash is a well known tip but did you realize that also works great for detangling?  Working in smaller sections allows for better control of the detangling.  The smaller the better.

Use a wide tooth comb to reduce breakage

This should be no-brainer but we are going to mention it anyway. Make sure to ONLY comb hair or detangle with a wide tooth comb. If you opt for other styling tools try one of my faves the  “Tangle Teezer ” or ”Denman Brush“.  These tools are specifically created for caring for natural hair. This tip is essential to your hair care because what combs and/or brushes you use can help or even harm your hair.

Try finger detangling

I have been doing this more often than usual. I must detangle before washing. Doing so avoids breakage and pulling of your hair. Naptural85 shows us great and easy technique on one of her vlogs on YouTube:

3 Ways To Safely Finger Detangle + Remove Knots on Curly Natural Hair 

Use an Oil To Reduce Breakage

If you decide to finger detangle, try adding one of your favorite oils to the equation. I love using pure Coconut Oil  while detangling. It’s easier to remove the tangle from your hair while adding moisture to it.

Comb thru hair while conditioning

Combing through your hair while conditioning is also another good tip to use when detangling. Especially, a conditioner with a good “slip”. Using this can cut down so much time with your hair preparations. I love using Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner natural hair care hair tips A little goes a long way. For me to say that with my thick hair speaks volume.

Click here to buy Kinky Curly Knot Today To detangle your natural hair

Dampen your hair

Dampening your hair is another important tip when taking tangles out. You should not attempt to comb or even finger detangle your hair while it is try. Doing so can also cause friction and damage to the cuticle of your hair. It may seem like a quick way to taming those tangles but in the long run it can be the source of unintentional breakage.

Wear hairstyles that reduces the detangling process

Wearing certain hairstyles can reduce the process of detangling. Chunky twists, twist outs, mini twists, pin ups are just a few suggested styles that can really help when you need to wash or co-wash your hair.


Be patient

This tip is abstract then the other seven but is just as important as the previous tips. Detangling your hair can be time time consuming and tiresome but it’s an important aspect of your hair care. So be patient, understand this is a process and if you dont have enough time to detangle slowly, then do it another time. Caring for your natural hair is never a race!

by Rachel Arvie


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