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Over 46 Million Women In American Are Affected By Hair Loss & We Can Expect That Number To Rise

We discuss hair loss a lot on this blog and for good reason. As recent surveys and studies show that black women are more prone to hair loss and with many of the detrimental hairstyles and techniques we wear are harmful to our hair and scalp health. 


If misery loves company than we are far from alone as new consumer survey conducted by Keranique® – the Women’s Hair Growth Experts™ sheds light on the alarming numbers of american women who have experienced hair loss. According to the survey:

  • Nearly 40% of U.S. women 18+ have noticed signs of hair loss or thinning
  • Over 50% of US women 58 or older have experienced it
  • That number jumps to over 60%  for women age 65+
  • These signs include: a widening part, hair being thinner than it used to be, significant signs of overall hair loss, and seeing through to the scalp where they couldn’t before especially in the temples or at the crown of the head.

Who is at risk?  Research indicates women in one or more of these 3 categories are more susceptible to hair loss and thinning

  • Women are 97% more likely (almost twice as likely) to experience signs of hair loss if they have a relative with hair loss compared to those who don’t, and 61% of women who have relatives with hair loss are experiencing symptoms of hair loss.
  • Women who have had chemical treatments are 71% more likely to experience hair loss than those who have not, and over half (58%) of women who have had chemical treatments are experiencing signs of hair loss.
  • Women who have been ill or taking medicine are 81% more likely to suffer from hair loss and thinning than those who have not, and over half (58%) of women who have been ill or taking medicine are experiencing signs of hair loss.

And many could be at risk for future issues. 62% of women have noticed changes to their hair just in the past year.  PR Newswire

Why so many? Well, a few factors include unhealthy hair habits, stress, and lack of seeking help are all reasons for such devastating numbers.  Ways to beat this are enlisting good hair habits with healthy hair education, living a healthier lifestyle, and seeking professional help from a physician, dermatologist or a trichologist are all excellent ways to combat the problem. 

For more information about the survey or Keranique® click here.

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