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Two Powerful Campaigns Calling For Change In The Fashion Industry

This past week has been tragic, stressful and downright dangerous for many in this country. With the two video captured murders of black men and the retaliation on Dallas Police officers; I have been silent only on the blog about how this is affecting me and what I have to say about it. 

I try and keep the focus of the blog on natural hair, beauty and style and allow my social media sites to discuss my discourse with the ills of this country. I am, however, excited about sharing two very powerful and poignant campaigns that are calling on and calling out the fashion industry for doing their part and doing better when it comes to Black people. 


Two Powerful Campaigns Calling For Change In The Fashion Industry
Photo courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

The first comes from natural-haired fashion model Ebonee Davis, who is a activist in her own right who and open letter to the fashion industry “concerning police brutality and systemic racism.”

<<Link to entire letter in bio>> I wrote an open letter to the fashion industry concerning police brutality and systemic racism.

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One of my favorite parts of her letter is her desire to end the ugliness associated with our blackness by mainstream media, beauty and fashion.

“We must band together to neutralize the phobias surrounding black culture. Rather than perpetuating trite stereotypes that vilify people of color, we need to produce positive, accurate and inclusive imagery.” 

I love Ebonee for using her platform to bring about change and more celebs are seeing how they can do the same.

Two Powerful Campaigns Calling For Change In The Fashion Industry
Photo courtesy of King Mali Magic FB

The second campaign comes from MUA Mali Thomas, better known as King Mali Magic, who is starting a new campaign #shadenotshade. Her campaign is the challenge of MUA’s to no longer give shade to black models who have to bring their own makeup to fashion shoots. 


Goodmorning Loves! This has been on my heart for a while. We need to create change and show we can work with ALL shades. Shout out to the amazing makeup artist/ cosmetic brands that support ALL skin tones! Also sending love to @nykhor @aniaama @toboreoweh @_andreathomas_ and countless models that represent for our Melanin Beauties!! I challenge those makeup artist that are booked on jobs to work with black women to actually take the time to educate yourself on what is needed. I will do the same, I will show you that I know how to work on ALL shades and will not make anyone feel belittled or unworthy! Let’s Go!! #shadenotshade #MaliMagicChallenge #MALIMAGIC

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 Black models are often stuck with ill-equipped MUAs who do not have their shades or cannot apply makeup to compliment our melanin and Mali is calling them out to no longer shade our shades. My anger is at the fact that there are qualified black MUAs who can apply makeup to all women but it is the (white) MUAs who get those jobs. 

Ebonee and Mali are working in their industry to bring about change and if we all stood up and stood against the injustices within all of our crafts, we would be a force to reckon with. 

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