Thinning Hair & Hereditary Hair Loss: Concerns For Black Women

Thinning Hair & Hereditary Hair Loss: Concerns For Black Women

I have discussed thinning hair on this blog a lot. The concerns are valid especially with the recent studies that show black women are more prone to hair loss. This is mostly due to our hairstyle choices that create too much tension on our scalp and hair, but some are facing hair loss due to genetics.  

Heredity hair loss occurs when there is a change in hormones and the hair follicle shrinks and the growth cycle is shortened. Each hair growth cycle produces shorter, finer, less visible hair and over time, the follicles may fail to grow hair ever again.  
What may seem like a lost cause can actually be helped with aids from nature or from science. One proven scientific route is Women’s ROGAINE® Foam.

Thinning Hair & Hereditary Hair Loss: Concerns For Black Women

With over 25 years of results and numerous clinical trials, the ROGAINE® brand is the #1 dermatologist and #1 stylist-recommended brand for hair regrowth.

Women’s ROGAINE® 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol is the first and only FDA-approved once daily treatment – morning or night.

Unlike cosmetic thickeners which just coat hair and temporarily mask the issue, Women’s ROGAINE® 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol helps prevent further thinning by regrowing fuller, thicker hair.

Thinning Hair & Hereditary Hair Loss: Concerns For Black Women

I had the opportunity to chat with celebrity hairstylist and ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE®, Jill Crosby on hair loss and styling tips:

Sabrina: Can thinning hair be cultural? I am a Black woman and my readers are primarily black.

Cosby: In terms of culture, if styles within that culture use a lot of tension to create the looks then perhaps those styles can contribute to hair loss due to stress on the follicle.

Sabrina: Hair loss is a big issue to black women, what should we be concerned with to help fight hair loss?

Cosby: To help fight hair loss, reducing tension set styles can be extremely helpful in lowering a main cause of loss in the first place. If you have hereditary hair loss, this is especially important.

Sabrina: Is textured hair more delicate for fragile than less textured hair?

Cosby: The texture of the hair does not solely determine the hairs strength, it is a case per case analysis that can determine how strong each person’s hair is.

Sabrina: Should black women being steering clear of styles like weaves and wigs due to hair loss issues?

Cosby: Great question… my answer would be yes. Thinning hair is not only hereditary or environmental, but can be created or worsen from certain styling practices too. So, for example if you wear styles that require a lot of tension to achieve the looks such as tight braids, twists, weaves, or knots then hair loss due to tension is often very prevalent, especially in key areas such as hair line and nape—these styles can also contribute to added loss for someone who is already experiencing thinning or loss due to hereditary hair loss. 

Putting tension on the papilla (hair root) over time can cause loss, sometimes permanent . So if you’re a woman who has thinning hair, take into consideration how much tension to use when creating the look you want. Taking it easy in this way can allow for hair to regrow. Also, adding a treatment such as Women’s ROGAINE® Foam can help to return hair back to a fuller state.

Thinning Hair & Hereditary Hair Loss: Concerns For Black Women

Naturals, I encourage you to learn more about the product and try it for yourself if you are experiencing thinning or hair loss due to genetics. Link to the Women’s ROGAINE® Foam coupon offer here: COUPONS + OFFERS 

Keeping you in the know Naturals,

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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