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The Brown Crayon Project Was Created By A Mother For Our Brown Babies

After a mother had discovered that her first son had cradle cap she would buy products that seem to be doing more harm than good by drying out his hair during the healing process. After realizing that many moms like herself in her community suffered from this, she took this initiative to make organic hair and skin products for brown babies called THE BROWN CRAYON PROJECT.

Selma Idris, founder of the Brown Crayon Project, has formulated a collection of cleansers, conditioners, oils, moisturizers, lotions suited for brown babies’ hair, scalp, and skin. This Project uses natural ingredients, earth conscious practices, transparent labeling, science and adheres to strict manufacturing regulations. 

They use a certified organic chemist free formula for the natural hair and skin care products for children of color. Brown Crayon Project promises honest messaging and community involvement to serve as the core foundation of the brand.

These unique products will be available this summer on the and available at traditional and alternative outlets throughout the country.

Another blackpreneur spreading black magic by creating her own line of hair and skin natural products after seeing a need to be fulfilled. We wish Selma all the best and we are so ready for products for our brown babies!

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