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Summer Braids & Summer Weaves, Get Your Hair Ready!

Summer Braids & Summer Weaves, Get Your Hair Ready by doing the basic steps necessary to get hair in prime shape. We've got all the tips!

Summer is here and as the temperatures rise many women turn to protective styles such as, braids and weaves for a new look or an easier style. Summer braids and sewn-in summer weaves are excellent protective styles that keep your hair tucked away from heat and the elements. but if not properly cared for, they can also be damaging as well.


To prevent damage one must instill proper preparation beforehand. So, if you are thinking about getting box braids or a weave, take a look at these tips on how to prepare your hair for braids and weaves this summer.

Wash, condition and detangle hair for summer braids

Braids and weaves should only be installed on hair that has been thoroughly washed, conditioned and detangled. This sounds like a no-brainer, but many times braids and sew-ins are installed on hair that is dirty or still bogged down by product buildup.

Using a clarifying shampoo is recommended before braiding to ensure that all product buildup has been removed from the hair. Clarifying shampoo is very strong and can lead to dryness, so it is important to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner and a deep conditioner treatment. Make sure hair is properly detangled whether you do prior to shampooing or after or both. After detangling, the hair should be placed in plaits, cornrows or flat twists to keep it stretched and tangle free before braiding.

Deep Condition before the summer braids

Deep conditioning before installing braids or weaves is a critical step. Before you install braids or a weave you should examine your hair thoroughly and choose a deep conditioner that addresses any issues that you may have. If your hair is dry it is best to select a deep conditioner that adds moisture to the hair. If you’re suffering from any breakage, seek out a deep conditioner that is packed with protein which will help to strengthen the hair and prevent further breakage.

Get a trim (if needed)

Split ends are one of the leading causes of hair breakage and putting damaged hair into braids or weaves will only increase frayed ends and breaks. You want your hair to be in the best shape as possible before you install braids or weaves, so trimming damaged ends is important. Clipping split ends also ensures that you will have an easier time detangling your hair after you remove the braids or uninstall your sew-in weave.

Know what style you want

Summer Braids and summer weaves come in many different styles and so does the type of hair used to achieve the desired look. Are you getting box braids, cornrows, kinky or Havana twists? These are just of few of the many types of braid styles available and a certain type of hair is used for each.


Hair bundles and extensions come in various lengths, patterns and textures. Would Brazilian body wave or Indian Remy work best for the style that you have in mind? You may want to consult with a stylist if you’re unsure of the type of hair that you need for your braid style or weave.

Are you thinking about rocking a protective style this summer?




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