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Hair Styling Tips For An Outdoor Summer Party

Hair Styling Tips For An Outdoor Summer Party

As we get further into the heat of the summer, there will be a myriad of BBQs and outdoor poolside parties we will be invited to. It’s easy to find the perfect dress without much travelling, unless of course you count a trip across cyberspace! 


To make things easy, just click here to see some of the trendiest summer fashions and then come back to this post to look at our hair styling tips for an outdoor party. Once you have the dress, you can match the do to the look you are after.

Ponytails – With or Without Loose Strands & Wraps

The traditional summer ‘do is a ponytail that dates back to time immemorial. Simply gather up your tresses and tie a band around to keep the locks in place. You can choose to leave strands down, framing the face or gather it all up into a tail that you can wear anywhere from the back of the head to the top of the crown. 

Don’t want the band to show, but reluctant to wear a ribbon or bow? Why not wrap a small bit of hair around the band and then just pin it in place? It’s easy as can be and only takes a few minutes to accomplish the perfect summer ponytail.

Kinky Straight Ponytail on Short Natural Hair 

Top Knot with Loose Strands (Ninja Bun)

Next on the list of summer dos would be a top knot with a few loose strands hanging down for effect. Simply pull your hair to the top of your head as you would for a ponytail, wrap the entire tail around, tuck it in and pin it in place. Leave a few wispy ends for that oh-so-sexy windblown look.

The Perfect Ninja Bun on Natural Hair

Pinned Back Bob

If you have your hair cut in a mid-length bob, this is the perfect do for a summer bash. Just pin the sides back just behind and above the ears and then bob the ends so they curl under. Some girls wear bows and barrettes where the hair is pulled back, others pin a flower there and others still just use decorative barrettes. It’s up to you, but this offers a perfect combination of hair up, hair down.


How To Create A Faux Asymmetrical Bob On Natural Hair

Sexy Side Braid 

Often referred to as the side fishtail braid, this is hair that is gathered to one side or the other and then the braid begins where the hair meets the shoulder line at the base of the neck. This particular braid won’t stay in place unless the hair is all one length or the layers are extremely long with the shortest coming well below the shoulder. Remember, hair needs to be pulled all the way around the back and then the braid starts. 

Fishtail Braid On Naturally Curly Hair

French Braids

Whether doing your French Braids in rows like corn rows or as a single braid down the center of the head, a French Braid gives a classy look and is the perfect do for a more ‘formal’ affair. Whilst you could still wear your braid or inverted French Braid to any affair no matter how informal, this is a classic look that lends itself well to a sophisticated event.


How To Cornrow Braid For Beginners

So there you have five hairstyles that are perfect for summer parties. Choose one for each event or pick your favorite for the entire summer. It’s up to you. Just know that you can wear your hair up or partially up to keep you cool on those hot summer days – the perfect finishing touches to a lovely summer outfit.

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