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5 Amazing Benefits Of Having Natural Hair

5 Amazing Benefits Of Having Natural Hair

As if we needed to give more reasons! Women are making the switch to natural hair everyday because of all the advantages they see in doing so. Yea, we’re pro-natural over her but the advantages are real and the reasons for staying are stronger than ever.

Sure, taking care of natural hair can be time consuming, but it is always worth it in the end. Going natural doesn’t mean you’re all about the environment and being one with nature either,  It just means taking that new step to being a healthier and more original you. Here are five reasons why you won’t miss your relaxed hair. 

It’s healthier for your hair and entire body 

No matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we know that the chemicals and heat tools we constantly use on our hair are damaging. Heat protection products can only help to an extent but they are slowly stripping the life and shine from hair until the hair is in a state where you’re too embarrassed to even wear it out. 

Chemicals wreak havoc to hair by stripping the hair and denying you of that full, thick head of hair you were given naturally. They are unhealthy and cause damage to the scalp and the skin surrounding it. Chemical burns are not nice, and most of us have experienced them during our relaxing routine. In fact, they almost always happen and we have to sit through that pain without complaining. 


You can wear as many styles as you want in one week. There are several ways you can wear your hair and although you would have to go through that learning process, there are a lot of tutorials out there designed to help. It’s not so confusing once you get the hang of it and whether you want a wash and go, straight tresses , twistouts or braided up; natural hair can give all of those to you without a chemical or even by using heat.  

Going natural is pocket friendly 

Some may emphatically disagree but we the expensive salon treatments like relaxers are no longer in your budget. Many naturals care for their own tresses and think about the hundreds (and eventually thousands) of dollars you won’t have to waste on weaves when you can rock your natural hair boldly. All you need to purchase at this point are your hair care products and weaves, braids and wigs are often causing hair loss in black women. We need to lessen our use of them and embrace our natural textures more. 

You don’t have to be afraid of the rain anymore!

You can go around when it’s raining with no problem. Missed dancing in the rain too? You can also do that. You don’t have to worry about ruining your weave.  I know many are like, my twist out will fall but those rainy days are certain styles and proper styling can keep frizz away on even the most humid of days. Free hydration for all!

Look, whether you still hate the rain or not, our hair loves and needs hydration. It is an essential factor in hair moisturization and whether you use it directly or in water-based products this is a huge change in black women, water and our hair.


The yet most amazing part of having natural hair is its individuality. Once your natural hair starts to grow out, it will take its own pattern or type of curls. Embracing and loving your own curls brings about a confidence you cannot find with relaxed hair. Not hating on relaxed hair at all, just sharing the powerful love women with natural hair feel once they are natural.  

So, if you are thinking about going natural or if you are having a hard time as you transition, remember how amazing this gorgeous hair is that grows naturally out of our heads. Remember that no other race of women alter the texture of their hair in the sheer numbers that we do and ask yourself why the hell are some of us still doing it?

What other benefits have you found by going natural?


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