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How To Save Money On Protective Styling: Braids, Weaves & Wigs

How To Save Money On Protective Styling: Braids, Weaves & Wigs

Ladies it’s not every week we’re in the mood to do our natural hair and sometimes we want a break from it. Protective styling allows us to take a break and retain our length, however it can be costly to implement because the hair and the labor cost can be horribly expensive. 


No one wants to break the bank on a new weave even though they want the utmost care for their hair. So this article speaks to saving money on protective styling such as braids, weaves or even wigs.

DIY – Do It Yourself Natural!

If it’s too costly to go to the hairstylist, search on YouTube where there are thousands of videos instructing ladies on how to do box braids, weaves, or even creating your very own wig. You’ll learn from the YouTube gurus who have perfected the style and you get to learn it in different ways.

In addition, this benefits you because no one knows you’re hair like you do. You’ll be able to install the style without the hairdresser telling you you’re tender-headed or trying to up-sale your visit. 


Synthetic Wigs 

Yes I know what you’re thinking… if this is actually GOOD for your hair. We all know the danger of synthetic wigs not keeping our natural hair properly moisturized. Some days you just don’t feel like styling your hair so just put on the cheap wig and rock it for the day. They may not last as long or stand up to wear and tear like the authentic ones will,  but they are easy alternatives for a lazy hair day. Don’t knock it till you try it, so rock that cheap wig like a boss!


Hit Up Cosmetology Schools

You can go to cosmetology schools in your area for the students there who are eager to do your hair. It’s completely free of cost to you and you’ll get a banging protective style to wear for a while. Although the students are new to hair styling, their supervisors are right there with them making sure no harm is done to your hair.


Shop Online

You really need to consider buying hair online. Your local Beauty Supply Shop may not be as big as some of these hair warehouses that have amazing prices because they buy in massive amounts. Also, you can buy hair just about anywhere with very reasonable prices so opt for shopping around but do take heed to reviews (not the ones on their sites) to see how well the quality of the hair is and check on their customer service. 

Call A Friend

If you have a really good friend or your friend knows someone who can do protective styles really well, call them up and ask for a favor. They may end up doing it cheaper than a salon or free and you can tip them if you wish. (Tip them well so they won’t mind doing it again!)


Hope these tips helped you and that you’ll take them into consideration for the next time you decided to protective style.



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  1. June 23, 2016 / 10:30 am

    Amen! Ladies I buy in bulk so that I can offer prices on crochet braids that you won't find in stores. It's a great protective style and had come a long way from what you saw in the 90s! Right now I'm offering 25% off through the end of June with coupon code OPENING25 Visit my shop at

    • June 23, 2016 / 10:34 am

      Oh I forgot to mention that I make crochet braid wigs too. Every style in my shop can be sold as a finished wig or as a crochet braid diy kit. Message me if you have questions. Be blessed.

  2. June 4, 2017 / 6:58 pm

    Wigs have been used for many years. Egyptians wore this to cover their bald heads. Wigs helped them to protect their heads from sun damage. Purple wig