4 Vital Reasons Color Treated Hair Needs Color Treated Products

Vital Reasons Color Treated Hair Needs Color Treated Products

Summer is the time for creativity and color risks. We usually want to change things up a bit and switch to Instagram stardom worthy hair colors and styles. To keep your hair healthy through it all, it is important to remember that your hair care routine and products will also have to change. 


If your hair is color treated (or you’re planning to get it color treated) it is very important that you invest in products that are specially formulated for color treated hair. Dying or stripping your hair can have severe effects on your hair’s health. You need to give it the extra boost it would need to retain its texture, shine and overall health. Here are some of the reasons why you need color treated products.

Hair Dyes Strip Moisture From Your Strands

Colored hair is more porous as it was damaged in the dying process when the cuticle was raised so the color can be absorbed into the hair shaft. For many, the hair is now harder to absorb and retain moisture. 

This also means that it easily dry out. You would need specific products that are designed to boost hair’s moisture content and seal in hydration to keep your hair healthy. It is best to invest in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. 

Some Dye Colors Are Tricky & Need Extra Care 

You need products that are specially tailored for dyed hair, if possible, for the particular color you are using. For example, red dye tends to fade really fast because it is more difficult for its molecule size to penetrate deeply into the hair. Hair dyed red would need extra special care, along with products that are designed to hold the color for as long as possible. 


Another issue is going blond or bleaching hair. Bleaching is one of the most damaging chemical services you can put your hair through so using products that repair your blond tresses will ensure the damage in minimal and keep your hair in as best shape as you can.

Your Hair Needs Protection From Your Showers

Although it is not advisable to put your hair under a hot spray, it is even worse with colored hair. The heat can open up the surface of the hair strands and allow the dye molecules to loosen from the hair. Use color protecting shampoos, do not wash hair in hot water and wash your hair less often. 

 Your Hair Needs UV Protection Or The Color Will Fade Easily 

Unless you want to rock a hat most of the time you will want to protect your strands from the sun with a product. Most regular hair care products don’t come with protection from harmful sun rays that can fade hair color. Color treated products usually come with sun protection and added vitamins to help restore the hair and prevent future damages. 

Do you use products specially designed for color treated hair on yours? How important would you say it is? 




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