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Quick DIY Soft Feet For Summer Pedicure

Quick DIY Soft Feet For Summer Pedicure

Warmer weather is upon us and the need for pretty feet is real. I love sandals and having my feet out and looking lovely is the only way to go in spring and summer but when on a budget, pricey pedicures are no bueno!


Now, I live in a dryer climate (Denver, CO) so pedicures are a must, or so I thought until I started working for myself and those extra expenses were luxuries and not actual necessities. If you are on a budget or just want to save some money I have a quick DIY pedicure that will have you with pretty feet and ready for sandals in no time!

Take polish off before you shower

I like to take the polish off right before I jump into the shower and trim or file nails too. Remember nails need a break from polish sometimes too so let them be free of polish for a few weeks if between polishes.

Foot Scrubber

I always thought I had to soak my feet before a pedicure in really hot or warm water and usually ended up making a huge mess. Nix that by just jumping in the shower and letting the power of a foot scrubber not only properly cleanse your feet but soften them up for the next step. Feels super good too! 

Mr. Pumice + Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Scrub

I love these two items together. For under $10 I get my feet softer than any salon I have EVER gone to. No exaggeration. Just pour some of the foot scrub on Mr. Pumice and scrub your feet hitting those rough spots like the heel and the ball of your feet. Hit the side of the big toe as it tends to get rough too. 

Quick DIY Soft Feet For Summer Pedicure

I was pretty shocked how soft my feet were after the first time I tried this combination and have to say it is my great for twice a week just to keep feet soft in between color changes or doing a full pedicure. 


Pat Dry, Lotion and Polish

After my shower I complete my quick pedi by adding some lotion before I begin polishing my toes. Make sure to paint lightly as using heavy coats leads to chipping and taking forever to dry. 

Polish, wait two minutes before another light application. Wait 2 more minutes and add top coat and allow to fully dry. If in-between polishes I apply a thick lotion and add socks and head to bed for the softest feet possible!


Feet are softer and I have saved a lot of money that I can use for something fun like our trip to the Bahamas later this year. Every penny counts so nix that expensive pedicure (hey, even $25 is too much plus I don’t particularly trust the cheap spots) as that money can be best spent on something else. 

Who’s ready to give it a try? 



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  1. December 18, 2016 / 5:57 am

    Foot massage is one kinda foot appeal. It keeps your feet soft, crack free and gives comfort. It also works as a stress relieving gadget. But make sure that you are using comfortable using foot massage machine so that you don;t need to get hassled.

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