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IVY PARK Is Here And It's Not Just For The Rich & Famous
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DISCLAIMER: I will not be buying anything in the line to actually work out in.

Sad, but true. I like the line for the cute hoodies, sexy sports bra and that damn headbandbut I digress. I wanted to make everyone aware that not only is the line out in various stores, but many (and I do mean MANY) of the items are super cute and super affordable for us mere mortals. 

I'm sharing how the highly anticipated active-wear co-owned by BeyoncĂ©, IVY PARK, is not just for the the uber-rich although many would sure think so. There are tons of items in the collection with prices you would find at your local Target. While not being sold at Target, the collection can be found at Topshop, Nordstrom and  Net-a-Porter while also being available online. I'm super excited as I love active-wear for no activity and I'm not ashamed to say it. Here's some info about the line:

The debut collection includes leggings with three different rise options (dubbed The I, The V, and The Y, from least to most ab coverage), an array of "second skin" pieces (think tanks with built-in sports bras, bodysuits, and medium-impact sports bras) plus streetwear pieces like logo sweatshirts, T-shirts, and parkas. In addition to prominent branding, detailing throughout the 200-strong collection includes a honeycomb motif and fishnet mesh. Each season, expect fresh outerwear designs.

Now, as I stated above, I'm in love with this headband:

It's cute, functional and did I mention it is super cute? Yea, and let me add it is only $15 and within my price range for buying something I truly don't need but want. 

So, I wanted to let my readers know how affordable the line is (although some items are pricey) and where to get them. Don't sleep on this line as it claims to be a line for every body shape and will create a cultural movement. Any takers? You already know what I'm getting...

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