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Italian Teacher Embraces While Celebrating The Beauty Of Natural Hair

I don’t share too much about the ills black women face from rocking Natural hair on the blog and here’s why. First off, I would be writing everyday, all day and secondly, why give that type of negativity more space?  


I do, however, love to share the greatness that Natural hair symbolizes. Recently, Alexondra Purnomoa teacher in Italy,  shared on her Facebook the problem her lone black student faced when she removed her braids and exposed her Natural hair to her classmates.  See below:

The Sasha Bun
My school is predominately Italian kids. Probably more than 95%. I have a new(er) student who is black in one of my classes. This week she came to school without braids. Some of the kids made fun of her for her short hair so she started wearing a (winter!) hat to school and refused to take it off. Today, together with the Italian teacher Veruska Meloni, we talked about being different and it not mattering. Whether we are short, tall, light skinned, dark skinned, blond, brunette, with or without glasses, boy, girl, braid, bun, sneakers, shoes… This student finally took her hat off today. She had a little bun on the top of her head. The other teacher and I both put our hair in buns on the top of our heads saying it was the “Sasha bun.” Then one by one, all of the girls (and boys! 😂) wanted their hair in a “Sasha bun.” We were able to come together as a class and bring a smile to Sasha’s face after a long, tough week. It gave me chills to see 19 kids come together to help one fellow student. Grazie mille a Veruska! [Many thanks to Veruska!] 


Sabrina’s Take:

All it took was embracing the uniqueness of one child, making sure the other children knew the importance of loving all hues, hair types and cultures and sharing in the differences each person brings to a community. I applaud this teacher on TEACHING her students about seeing color and welcoming the opportunity to learn from it. 

It would have been easy to just scold the other students but by educating them about our differences and sharing in the beauty of the ‘Sasha Bun‘; she gave them a lasting lesson that will aid them in growing up into productive individuals. This is the kind of teachers we need everywhere.

Tell me what you think Naturals? Is this something we need to see more of? Share below!

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  1. April 20, 2016 / 4:57 pm

    I wish I had a teacher like that back in the day. It would have boosted my self esteem early on rather than later says the short, dark skinned, natural hair and glasses wearing girl.

  2. April 26, 2016 / 9:55 am

    Too cute. Unity at its best.

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