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3 Ways To Prevent Thinning Hair As You Age

3 Ways To Prevent Thinning Hair As You Age

As we grow older, it’s normal to lose more hair than what is considered “normal.” The change in our hormones affects our hair growth patterns, including our rate of shed hairs. The hair follicles also tend to grow in thinner, which can lead to breakage if handled improperly. 

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With so many changes happening in our bodies at the same time it’s hard to keep up with everything, much less hair that is growing thinner as the days go by. Here are a few tips on how you can prevent thinning in your mature locks. 

Mature hair becomes dry very quickly due to the fact that our oil glands shrink as we age. This causes a dip in sebum production which is the oil that protects the hair shaft and keeps the scalp healthy. Although kinky textured hair doesn’t receive protection from sebum as easily as our straight haired counterparts, we may find ourselves needing to moisturize and seal the hair more often in order to keep it soft. Condition the hair multiple times per week and moisturize as often as necessary. 

Use Protein-Rich Hair Products
In addition to dryness, the hair also loses elasticity causing it to be brittle and break easily. If you’ve used dyes, bleaches, straighteners or any other chemical treatment, you may see that your hair tends to break off more than usual. By using protein-rich hair products and treatments, you’re re-building the hair follicles which will reduce the amount of breakage and the amount of shedding you experience. 

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There are many different products on the market to choose from, but some great lines that feature protein-rich products are Aphogee, Queen Helene and Shea Moisture

Take Supplements
Due to aging, our bodies need to be supplemented with nutrients that we may not be getting through our diet. Taking vitamins that contain biotin and silica will help strengthen and soften your hair and will take at least 6 months to see any progress. Also, if you hate taking pills, gummy vitamins have come a long way and there are plenty created just for adults. 

At least 3,000mg/day is recommended, but contact your physician before starting supplements to make sure they won’t affect any other pills you may be taking. 


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