#NOFOMO – Embracing My Beauty This Summer & Forever

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Embracing My Beauty This Summer & Forever With Target Plus Size Swim

I am a 45 year old mother of 2 with body issues. There is no other way to describe myself when discussing swimsuit season. I have been struggling for years to either wear a suit on in public or even to try one on the stores.  Even when there are are beautiful swimsuits in Target Plus Size, I have still passed up many a pool party for fear of not looking “good enough”. Well, you know what? No more!

I am beautiful. I am sexy, lovely and have a body to be proud of. It took some time for me to realize this because no one was shaming me more than myself. I am no longer going down that road of missing out because I am not happy with my body.

Embracing My Beauty This Summer & Forever With Target Plus Size SwimMesh Inset One Piece – Mossimo

I made it a point to enjoy this life and all it has to offer and that means playing in the ocean, lying on the beach and loving myself while doing it. To me, there is no better place to be than on the beach and who wants to be covered up and feeling insecure when on vacation? I don’t so I made it my business to find a suit I felt comfortable yet sexy in by checking out the many styles at Target.

Embracing My Beauty This Summer & Forever With Target Plus Size SwimColorblock Cross-back Tankini Top – Mossimo | Side Stripe Boy Short Bikini Bottom – Mossimo

They have a huge array of styles, colors and prints that allows you find the the perfect suit or suits. I found three and am extremely happy with all of them. I must say my favorite is the one-piece up top.  I feel so good in that sexy suit and my confidence soars when I put it on.  The great part is free shipping plus free returns, so whether you buy in the store on online, you have the ease of knowing you can keep looking until you find that perfect one…or in my case those perfect three!

Embracing My Beauty This Summer & Forever With Target Plus Size SwimPlus Flyaway Tankini – Pink – Ava & Viv

They make me know I am sexy and ready to enjoy this summer with funky prints and slimming styles that flatter my figure: pear-shape with curves. Believe me, there is nothing worse than trying to find suits that compliment your unique body. The boy shorts fit great and I never seem to find any that work for me and that one-piece does wonders for my shape without making me look like a 12 year old.

Embracing My Beauty This Summer & Forever With Target Plus Size SwimSwim Short Bikini Bottom – Black – Mossimo

Every color of the rainbow can be found in their huge selection so it is easy to find one that fits perfectly to your body type.  I was able to mix and match to my liking to find just the right fit without sacrificing my style. That is partly where my confidence came in. I am feeling myself as my daughter would say and I know you will too.  Here are some tips:

  • Go when you have time to really check all the styles and colors you want to try on.
  • Go with a friend or family member to give you some ideas because my husband came with me and helped me find my favorite one. I would have never tried it if he didn’t suggest I try it on.
  • Know that you can mix and match to find the right fit and style you prefer. I mixed some plus­-sized items with regular sizes to create my pink ensemble. Do not feel limited!
  • Check out online as you can find even more styles to choose from and each Target may have various styles in stock but online has it all!

Embracing My Beauty This Summer & Forever With Target Plus Size Swim

I am making a #NOFOMO pledge to never miss another pool party or fun summer excursion because I am worried about how I will look in my bathing suit. I plan on being in the water every single day in Freeport, soaking up the sun and having fun with my family. I encourage you to make your own #NOFOMO pledge with no reservations and just full of confidence. Do away with those body insecurities and enjoy this amazing life we have.  No more lame excuses.

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