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4 Significant Signs of Aging Hair

 4 Significant Signs of Aging Hair

The body goes through many different changes as we mature. Arthritis, menopause, hearing loss and other ailments are more obvious signs, but what about those little changes we experience every day? 

Finding more hair in our brushes than usual or having to deal with drier hair than normal. Yes, our hair shows signs of aging just as well as the rest of our bodies and it doesn’t just start (or end) with gray hairs.

Hair Loss
One sign of our maturation will be a significant amount of hair loss over time. While it may not be obvious at first, over time you will gradually notice that you’ve lost a significant amount of hair. Not only is this due to the fact that as we age our hairs grow in thinner, but it’s also due to the drop in hormones such as estrogen from menopause which slows our hair growth rate as well. 

The hair also begins to lose its elasticity and falls out easily; however, this shouldn’t be confused with breakage. Hair fall is an increased amount of shedding at the roots with little-no hair returning in its place. Some easy remedies to reduce the amount of shed hair include increasing your consumption of Omega-3, iron and folate rich foods. 

Also, massaging the scalp multiple times a week can increase much needed blow flow to the scalp which will not only reduce hair loss, but also encourage healthy hair growth. 

Hair Thinning
This trait is seemingly inevitable since our hairs begin to grow in thinner as we age, but all hope is not lost. Using protein-rich products can help aid in hair thinning by strengthening the strands so that they are not as prone to breaking off. Thinning can also be caused by hairstyles that cause too much tension on the scalp such as heavy braids/twists or locs. 

By sticking to hairstyles that don’t pull or tug at the roots, you can greatly reduce the chances of your hair thinning out. Also, handling the hair delicately can reduce the amount of breakage you may experience during styling. 

Graying Hair
Gray hairs are another inevitable sign of aging, but if you aren’t too keen to sporting your gray hairs, you can opt to darken them through henna treatments and DIY treatments such as coffee and potato skin rinses. You can also choose to dye the hair, but keep in mind that harsh chemicals will wreak havoc on your already fragile mature tresses. 

Dry/Brittle Hair
Over time, the hair begins to grow in brittle and becomes dry very quickly. This is due to the shrinking of our oil glands, the shift in hormones, decreased elasticity, and poor circulation. In order to combat dry, brittle hair, deep condition the hair regularly and follow-up with regular moisturization. Also be sure to stay hydrated by drinking enough water and avoid washing your hair with very hot water. 

Have you noticed signs of your hair aging?


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