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Health & Fitness Goals For 2016

Health & Fitness Goals For 2016

Happy New Year and all that jazz Naturals!  While we are knee-deep into January, I have just NOW determined what my health and fitness goals will actually be for 2016. It took some time because I really wanted to get my mind out of the holidays (including bad eating and being lazy) and make a clear assessment of where I was and where I want to be by year’s end. 

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It is so easy to fall victim to “New Year, New Me (You)” mentality, but there is not going to be a new Sabrina. Instead, there will be the SAME woman who is taking control of her life, health and hair. Easy enough since I do have complete control of myself so when I stepped back and thought about how this is my body–then I realized I am the only person holding me back. 

I need it and who better to help me than you? No one!  I know me and I know if I have to SHARE my victories along with my defeats then Sabrina is gonna be ON it!  I will from now on give monthly updates of my progress starting today.

I want to lose 60 lbs by the end of the year. Not sharing the weight but I will share losses (and hopefully not) gains.  I will share if I stayed on track with water, food and exercise intake.  If you want to see my daily track and me see yours, then let’s be friends: 

Myfitnesspal: seriouslynatural

Fitbit: SeriouslyNatural

Water Intake
I am making sure to get 88 ounces of water a day in and I track it on my Fitbit Charge. Over the holidays I have slacked horribly on this one so I am back on track starting yesterday and I got it in! I accept and appreciate ALL victories as they keep you going especially during the pitfalls. 

This has fallen off as well and I was doing a little trick where I put on my workout clothes as soon as I woke up to force myself to move. That did not always work but my goal is to get 10,000 steps a day and exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. I STRUGGLE with this so I will be diligent on making this priority but also NOT beating myself up for not meeting this goal. 

I plan on brisk walking and getting on the elliptical and will take it slow before adding more as I have a bad knee and do not want to overdo it.  I will share more when I find out what it will be!

Proper meals w/ snacks
As you can imagine I fell all the way off of this. Initially I lost 20 lbs last year. I am proud of that but I gained 5 of them back and after the holiday I packed on  3 more pounds. THAT is stopping as I am back in full force. 

My Proper meal plan
Healthy breakfast 
Sensible lunch (usually a salad with protein)
Sensible dinner
Snack (if needed)

I will eat meat (beef and pork) only three times a week, eat more fruits, veggies and limit my sweets and sodium. Yes, it can be done because I did it before. If I stay on track I will have lost this weight by mid-October so that gives me all of November and December for weeks or even a month or two to get back on track if I falter.

I do not get enough sleep so I track that on my Fitbit Charge. I average around 5 hours a night. I know that is terrible so I am working on getting that number up to 6 hours and hopefully all the way up to 8 hours a night by the end of the year. THIS may be my hardest goal yet!

OK, I’m shared more than I feel 100% comfortable with but this is only going to get me to the finish line by year’s end. I am scared shitless for sharing this with you but I know we can make this happen.  I would LOVE for you to share your plan for 2016 either below or shoot me an email at because accountability is key for making this happen!  

We are in this together Naturals,


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by Bliss Editor at Mode


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