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Favorite Beauty Products In 2015

Favorite Beauty Products In 2015

Sorry for the lateness of this post but it is too important to pass up the opportunity to share what I loved for beauty in 2015.  I love beauty and discuss it whenever I can but as years go by, what I love changes and it is always good to reflect and find out why something got left behind, while something else moved on deck. 

Here is a list of my favorites and I am sure you won’t be surprised as I like to mention them from time to time throughout the year.


Soap-free, foaming gel cleanses all skin conditions. Refreshing lather thoroughly removes impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.

I have sensitive skin and most every cleanser on the market will break me out. I have tried for years to find something that works and by chance I won a huge gift basket full of Deralogica products and fell instantly in love with them! The cleansing gel has never broken me out…not even once and THAT is unheard of for me. It is kind of pricey but it lasts a very long time and worth every penny. I use it in-between my OCM applications and quite happy. 


Light facial toner spray hydrates and refreshes. Help condition the skin and prepare for proper moisture absorption when you spritz over skin after cleansing.

This is also the only toner my skin seemed to tolerate and not feel unbelievably dry afterwards. It is refreshing on my face and neck and use it even when cleansing my face with the OCM.  


Radha Rosehip Oil is 100% Pure and is especially good for sensitive and dry skin. It is Full of vitamins E and A, this oil helps rejuvenate and brighten your skin.

I have been using this as my moisturizer for a few months and it is working beautifully. It is supposed to help with fading marks and my face is clearing up slowly and I am happy.  I keep it in the fridge since it has a short shelf life and my skin seems happier. 


In only 2 weeks, Crest 3D White Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips can whiten teeth as well as a $500 laser treatment.

I wrote a post about these strips just a few days ago and they truly do the job. My smile is bright, white and my confidence level has skyrocketed when I smile now. My husband even noticed after the very first application. They are a staple for me now whenever I feel my smile begins to dim.


Sephora Collection Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer – A makeup primer that perfects the appearance of skin and prolongs the wear of foundation. 

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation– A bestselling HD foundation that appears more invisible, comfortable, and natural-looking than ever before. 

Make Up For Ever HD Powder – A three-time award-winning universal translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or worn alone. 

My foundation and primer have not changed but I did start using the amazing HD powder to help set my makeup. I love this trio and have no issues with blending. I get compliments all the time on my makeup and people always think I just have super clear skin. 


Favorite Beauty Products In 2015

A new Lipstick combining creamy emolliency with a unique sheer colour pay-off. Finishes include cream, sparkling pearl and metallic. 

I have finally fallen in love with MAC lipstick or the cremesheen line anyway. I love the A64 although I was looking for something darker but I get tons of compliments every time I rock this lipstick. 

I am still on the lookout for the best mascara and eyeliner for me so I have been switching up trying to find the ‘right’ one. 
I am no makeup artist but I love what I love and they all work great for me.  

So, what was your favorite beauty products for 2015?

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  1. January 31, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    I have never used Rosehip Oil before, but have have tried other Radha Beauty products. I have sensitive skin so perhaps this may work for me.

    Erickah @

    • January 31, 2016 / 11:24 pm

      I have quite a few other oils from that brand too. I love them and the bottle are pretty and dark so the oils will last longer. thanks for sharing.