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5 Natural Hair Products I’m Trying In 2016

5 Natural Hair Products I'm Trying In 2016

I am not a product junkie and I will not apologize for that! Different stroke for different folks! OK, I just get stuck when I find products I love but despite that I still find it necessary to try new things.  I stay close to home on my products and only use a few like Shea Moisture, Kinky Kurly and natural oils. Boring? Maybe so, but I am who I am. 

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Despite my nature, I do realize there are new products really worth giving a try that I have heard a lot of great things about.  I am currently not focusing on growing my hair down to my waist and have no thinning issues so really I am just looking for everyday or every week products to try.  Hey, I can be curious too so I’ve compiled a lit of some products that I have vowed to give a try. 

Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme

I have been wanting to give Curl Junkie a try for a long time and with all the amazing reviews and raves about their coffee-coco curl creme I knew it would be the first one of the line I would like to try. This all-in-one styling product and leave-in conditioner with a light hold that promises moisturized define curls. 

Shea Moisture 100% Pure Flax Seed Oil

I have been wanting to try flax seed oil for years but the thought of doing it myself was not interesting at all. I love this line so when I saw they had the flax seed oil all packaged up nice and pretty I knew it was for me! Pure Flax Seed Oil creates a natural protective barrier which helps hair and skin retain moisture.

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair

The name alone has me intrigued and with the scores of naturals swearing by it’s hydration effectiveness, I need to find out for myself how well this works! DevaCurl Heaven in Hair is a intense deep conditioner that provides super hydration for all curl types and processed hair.

Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray

Yes, I am interested in trying a sea spray. Apparently curly girls can use it too and get that beachy look. Hey, I LOVE the beach and can so see me in the Bahamas with this! Wave Create Sea Spray is formulated to give curls a beachy, textured look without leaving hair dry, crunchy, or stiff.

Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner

I love the ingredients, love how it’s light and all at a good price. I need to give a new line for conditioning a try just to see what else is out there. Moisture Balancing Conditioner is a dual-purpose, moisture-adjusting wonder with a smart formula  that adjusts moisture as needed. 

I’m excited about trying new products and see how they fare and I PROMISE to give reviews and let you know how they went! 

What products do you want to try in 2016 Naturals?


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