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4 Hot Beauty Trends You Need To Try In 2016

4 Hot Beauty Trends You Need To Try In 2016

This year 2016 is going to be shaken up with super sexy-hot beauty trends! If you are not yet ready to welcome the New Year with remarkable beauty and style, then the time to begin is NOW.  The red carpet at the Award shows coming up soon will show a glimpse, but do you want a sneak peak into the hottest beauty trends now? 

Sure you do so let’s roll with some irresistible beauty trends that are poise to take the year by storm.

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Dolly eyes makeup

Surely, this will redefine the sexiness of eyes in 2016.  Dolly eyes makeup will make your eyes look wide by highlighting them with false eyelashes but before I lose you, know that it can be toned down for a more natural yet sexy look. 

If you really want that great look, then you gotta pent up your lashes with your favorite mascara and add layers too.  Alternatively, you may decide to go a bit further by adding fake eyelashes to the top and bottom for a truly stunning look. 

Blue Eye Shadow

Another fashion trend to watch out for is the sultry blue decorated eye shadow that may not be appealing to some people, but this year color for eyes. For a more stunning look, apply sapphire or vivid sky hues using eye shadow or eyeliner for greater effect and know blue looks perfect for all shades…just fine the shade you feel gorgeous in!

For a casual outing, you may experiment with soft navy or sapphire eyeliner rather than the common black. Blue eye shadow will also be a great way to add color to a monochrome look.


Pink and coral shade
Ever on the top list of beauty trend, pink and coral shades are definitely going to be among hottest beauty trends for 2016. They look amazing on the cheeks, but especially on the eyes and all you have to do is find the RIGHT pink or coral for your skin tone.  Put on your pink and coral shade, step out for any event and you instantly attract sea of eyes. 

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Sometimes, applying pink and coral shade can be challenging, especially if you have no redness in your eyes. But, no worries. With little practice, you’ll master it.

Rainbow hair

This unicorn hair was trending high last year and it’s surely going to be among top beauty trend for 2016 especially for Naturals.  Rainbow hair is bold and beautiful and thanks to creative Celebrity Stylists like Kim Kimble, rainbow hair or wild-colored hair has been colorfully perfected to create stunning appeal. The maintenance of these intricate color combinations, however, requires skill to handle but not impossible. You can expect more creativity and use of color for this hair trend as the year rolls on.

No doubt, the above are going to take 2016 by storm and you should get set to explore these beauty trends that many women will be quick to replicate. You don’t want to feel left out, so start trying out one or two of them right now and you’ll be surprised how great you look. 

Many of us look forward to breaking into 2016 with creativity and uniqueness so step outside of your comfort zone and give a new look priority for some funky fun and glam. 

Making 2016 beauty bright Naturals,

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by VeePeeJay at Mode


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