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Putting Too Much Pressure On Planning | Making Life Simpler In 2016

Putting Too Much Pressure On Planning | Making Life Simpler In 2016

I am forever taking too much time to to figure out what I need. I waste gobs of time on planning, forgetting, reworking and rewriting and before I know it I’ve lost the path and the damn point! Sound familiar? Yea, I bet it does because I know I am far from alone on trying to wane through the particulars in life while staying focused, on-point and purposeful.

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I am a planner. I’ve always been one so it makes sense that I’ve ALWAYS had a 2 year planner before people were using their computers and phones for keeping up with their lives and appointments. Well, I got away from the pen and paper like most people have and feel I’ve missed something in the process. 

As more people are reverting back to pen, paper and planners it made sense to do the same but not just for appointments but for my blog content, ideas, future goals and research. I am no expert on planning or how to get your life together but I am an expert on making shit harder than it needs to be. Why else would I take about a year to find the “perfect planner” spend wayyyy too much on it and never use the damn thing? I was looking for something that truly didn’t exist for me. 

I ended up finding one that was just so detailed and complicated that in the end it was overwhelming and becoming a chore to use. I wanted prompts for ideas, blog posts, goals, expenses, assets and before i knew it I turned this planner into an over-bearing ogre that required too much of my time and yielding no creativity or purpose. Honestly, I cannot tell you where the damn thing is and while I toted that tank (yes, it was super big and couldn’t fit in my purse) around day after day it was more of a burden and often never even cracked open as the day went on.


This past week I went to Cali for work and connected with my cousin CaCera, creator of Haute Off The PRess, who had a simple, yet effective planner that she actually used and kept with her. It was small enough to be carried in her purse or hand-held and it reminded me of what I was truly missing.  As soon as I got back to Denver I scoured Target for a similar small yet effective planner and found the perfect one for me and my needs. 

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KISS…Keep It Simple Sista/Stupid is what came to mind when I saw her using it and it certainly warmed me when I got my own. I do not need a so-called blogging planner but just a planner where I can PLAN, take notes, write reminders to myself with a monthly calendar along with daily sections for more notes, ideas and even appointments!  

Putting Too Much Pressure On Planning | Making Life Simpler In 2016

Look…my life is pretty complicated enough with working for myself, taking care of family, working on losing weight, eating right and even exercising. Do I really need to make it even more draining by carrying around a textbook requiring me to fill it in and not fill me in? 

Going with the basics is so pivotal to staying on point with your purpose, plan and life that it often gets over-looked. We look for something so inline with what we THINK we need instead of just focusing on what will yield the desired outcome. All that, and in the most inexpensive way possible and without taking up too much time and energy.  

I wanted to share this with you as we are stepping into 2016 and many are writing or thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and how to make our day to day lives easier. I say pick up a simple, cute and functional planner no matter what your career path is and make it conform to your life instead of your life conforming to it. 

I still need and use my digital world for my blog, but for my ideas, plans, thoughts and future endeavors I use my pretty in pink planner that allows me to tap into a more simplistic arena where I can think freely. It also allows me to write without tapping into my laptop because once I am on there I am sucked in and my mind is no longer just for me. 

I love this simple planner and I am certain you will  like it as it comes in a pretty in pink or a classic black and white.  If not, then just look for something that gives you the bare essentials to get your thoughts and ideas down on paper that you can carry around, keep on your nightstand or stash in your purse or backpack



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